5 Day Midlands Tour – Day 3 & 4

Since we had three full days of going around the cities, we decided that our day 3 and day 4 would be more relaxed. We decided not to do any big cities but more chilled out places and enjoy the break in our country cottage.

So on day 3, we ventured out to Nantwich which is only 15 mins away from our cottage. We passed by it on our way in when we had to stop at Sainsbury’s for our groceries (our stay being a self-catering accommodation).

We went a bit late (much close to lunchtime I should say). Unfortunately, the market wasn’t open on Tuesdays so we missed that, but our first stop was the St. Mary’s church which was next to the parking lot. It was a magnificent church and has a lot of history. It was interesting to know that Wich means Salt and historically Nantwich was well known for its salt production. This was a piece of history that we heard from an old lady who was giving a tour to some of her folks in the church.

Nantwich-St Mary’s Church

Nantwich is also called the floral town of Britain (it says so in the plaque). They had a very small but lovely museum which gives a detailed view of the importance of Nantwich’s location during the civil war and the impact of a great fire that almost destroyed the place etc. Very interesting museum indeed. It doesn’t take long to go around this small and yet very cute town.

They also have a very beautiful park across the city center along the river. We had our lunch in a small Italian family-run place next to the church which was closing the next day for a week-long summer break. The pizzas we had were very cheesy and very yummy. It was amazing. After our lunch, we had a gentle stroll around the place enjoying the various buildings and the general way of life in the small town. It felt like everyone knew everyone there 🙂

I ended up buying a nice jacket for myself and also had a very delicious hot chocolate from a small cute place across the museum too.

We wanted to take it easy and slow, and we did indeed 🙂 After almost 2.5 hours of enjoying the town and the sun, we headed back to our cottage to just relax for the rest of the day and read some books in the warm sunshine.

The next day we again decided to go to a place where we might have some gentle and simple walking to do. So we decided to do Castleton and cover Mam Tor while we were at it. Initially, the idea was to do the full circle walk of Mam Tor but when we reached Mam Tor it was already buzzing with too many people and we had started late that day which means we were close to our lunchtime and didn’t have the energy to do the full circle walk tour, but we did climb Mam Tor which is similar to the Glastonbury Tor (yes, we did Glastonbury as a day trip). In fact, I would say Glastonbury Tor was much steeper than Mam Tor. And the view from the top is amazing.

View from Mam Tor
Mam Tor
Another view from Mam Tor

You can see from the photographs how gorgeous the view is and since this is in Peak District you can imagine how the other places are going to be. We realized that we cannot see all places in a short span of time and hence we decided to do this piece of Peak District to get an idea of how it would be and I am glad that we did it too.

Once we finished Mam Tor, we headed to Castleton via the Winnat’s Pass. That pass was a surprise. I didn’t expect the view to be so amazing on the way from Mam Tor to Castleton.

Winnat’s Pass

It suddenly transported me to North Wales. You get such views on your way to Llanberis where you can see the high peaks where one of them would be Mount Snowdon. Although these peaks weren’t that huge it is still majestic enough to take your breath away. We could also see a lot of families who had parked nearby and were heading for their walks.

We headed for the parking lot but annoyingly the machines would take only coins and the shop wouldn’t give you coins even if you bought something. So we were limited by the number of coins we could gather, but that was more than enough for us to enjoy some chips from a chippy there and then go around the place to enjoy the small town. This place is more like a stopgap for people who are going ahead for their walks in and around the area. There are also a lot of cave explorations in this town, which we weren’t keen on, especially on that day. There was also a paragliding course that was going on (a full day course where you learn the basics for some hours and then later you can do paragliding of your own). There were so many paragliders atop a mountain that they put the seagulls in Swansea to shame 🙂 If you like adventure sports, this is the place to go. I would have loved to do a tandem paragliding, but covid restrictions prevented that from being on the cards during that time.

St Edmunds Church
View of Peveril Castle (has some cave exploration too)

After going through the town a bit after our lunch, it was time for us to head back home more so because we were running out of time with our parking (there were a few families who were annoyed that the machine doesn’t accept cards especially given the covid restrictions everywhere). We decided not to have any other stopovers but head back home (again an hour’s drive from the cottage) and chillax for the rest of the day.

We had one more day to spend before we had to check out and we decided that we would do a city the next day.

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