Day Trips from Swansea – 2021 version

If you want to do day trips from Swansea here are a few suggestions based on our trips in 2021.

a) Glastonbury

It might seem a long way, but if you don’t mind doing a 3-hour drive to and fro (i.e. 6 hours in total) with 3 hours in Glastonbury then this is an ideal picnic spot. It is very alternative, there is so much to do, so much to see. But pick a day when it isn’t too hot or else your energy will be zapped. We walked from the city centre to the Tor and back on a very hot day and it was not ideal, I can tell you that much 😀 Here are a couple of photographs of the view of the Tor and the view from the Tor. It is an easy climb. There are a lot of shops in the city centre to give you a lot of options in terms of quirky, unique items to buy too.

b) Spaniard Rocks

This is much closer than Glastonbury and is a coastal area. You might have to walk a bit (at least 30 mins) on the sand to get to the coast, but the walk is very pleasant and interesting and you will be rewarded with gorgeous views of the sea. There are also a lot of coastal walks around, so you could lose yourself to nature for hours together here.

c) St Govans

You might want to check their website before you decide on this as the pathway crosses a military road and if they are doing firing practices it will be closed to the public. When we saw on a particular Saturday that the road was open, we just hopped onto the car and drove there. Again, a lot of walks around and even getting to the old monastery down is amazing.

d) Nashpoint

This is towards Cardiff and it points to a lighthouse, but the lighthouse is a functional one and only educational trips are allowed. So, don’t get your hopes high to get into the lighthouse (like we did). But as a place, it is gorgeous and does offer a lot of walks in and around the place. You will see why this place needs a lighthouse when you see those rocks. It does have some interesting history if you look it up on Google. The cafe was closed when we went recently (they were doing some work) but otherwise, you could definitely enjoy some nice picnic out there.

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