5 Day Midlands Tour – Day 2

On Monday, we decide to visit the city of Chester. Not too big and not too small. Perfect for a day’s outing. Since it was a Monday we were hoping to have the city to ourselves as it’s a working day and we weren’t wrong.

The parking spot we chose was just opposite the Chester Racecourse (Watergate Parking) and I should say that the racecourse marks its spot the moment you step out of the parking lot. The week after we were there, there were some races scheduled and preparations and signs were up warning of road closures and traffic restrictions. We were there by around 10 am or so and it was pretty chilled out. We walked all the way to the City center (5 mins from the parking lot) and you are transported to a whole new world or rather an old world. The buildings, the nooks, and crannies, the history of those buildings…the bridges, the four gates of the city built during Roman times, they are all so majestic.

Northern Gate
East Gate
Roman AmphiTheater

With Chester, the good thing is that you can cover the whole city or at least the key parts of it all if you walk along the city walls. You can go full circle and then at each gate you can explore more of the inner city and then carry on through the walls. There are so many things to see and enjoy like lots of quirky shops, hidden alleys, a Cathedral, Roman stone park, churches, canals, etc. We had our lunch at Katie’s Tearooms, a very old place, very cozy and comforting and the food was also delicious. We spent around 3-4 hours just walking and enjoying the city and its vibrant nature. A lot of buskers near the East Gate area and yet each one had their own style. It was very enjoyable, to be honest. We walked all the way to the University place and back. The weather was also very good that day given that the previous evening it had rained.

All in all, Chester is a city you will definitely enjoy if you like cities like Bath, Oxford, etc., as it has got loads of character and old-world charm. And it is perfect for a day trip if you ever find yourself in the Midlands area.

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