Ceredigion Trip

Another one of those short trips (2 nights and 1 day) that we did in 2021 in between the easing of restrictions was to the Cardigan Bay area. We booked a self-catering cottage on a working farm near Newcastle Emlyn. The cottage would only suit a couple as it was very small but it was very quirky and very cute! Since it was a working farm, they had llamas, ducks, chickens, sheep, dogs, a cat and whatnot. I spent our evening of arrival just enjoying the farm and the animals there. The weather, as usual, wasn’t great during that time of the year (mid-May) and we knew that it would rain most of the time, but we were ready to take our chances and since it wasn’t a tourist season we were also hoping that there would be less crowd.

We went there after 3 pm so there wasn’t much to do nearby other than just chill and take it easy and enjoy the fresh countryside. Since the cottage is on a working farm, it was situated away from any hubbub of a town or a village.

The next day we went straight to Cardigan Bay. We chose a car park close to the harbour. Given the threat of a downpour, it was slightly worrying when we saw the sign that the car park could be flooded 😀 but we decided to take a chance. It is a very cute place, Cardigan Bay. It rained all the way to the Bay, but when we parked and got out, it stopped as if nature was asking us to enjoy the place but there was drizzle now and then to remind us that the nice weather wasn’t there to stay. We walked around the place, enjoyed some quirky shops, had some chips from a local chippy, and before the next big rain we headed off.

Our next stop was a place called Mwnt. Surprisingly, by the time we reached the national trust car park here, the weather changed and it was bright and there was no rain at all. Mwnt offers not just the scenic beach and splashing sea but also lots of trails to walk. We saw this place in the Weatherman Walking episode where Derek Brockway goes to a “Church of the Holy Cross” which is situated there. It is a very idyllic place to have a church. For some reason, the location of it reminded me of the Whiskey Galore movie. It was closed (due to the pandemic and all) but we did some walking and Mr M did some walk around the steep coastal path, which I refrained from as it gave me dizziness because of its steepness and the proximity to the water. Too much blue.

But if you are a fan of walking and like coastal paths then this is a must-see place. I am sure during summer this place is crowded and rightfully so. It’s so gorgeous. But as you can see from the photographs, even though our arrival was to a sunny and clear sky, it soon changed and it started to drizzle after almost an hour or more. You do have a cafe down there (halfway down to the beach) where we got a cute little souvenir (a tortoise made out of shells) to remember this lovely place.

From Mwnt, we travelled to Aberporth. Since this is all in the coastal route, it is only fair we travel a little bit north to see this lovely place. As usual, it was deserted during that time of the year, but this is a tourist hotspot. You can see that from the posh holiday rentals that are there, especially the ones with the sea view. I am sure it would be lovely in summer. Thankfully we got some free parking there and we were able to go around the place to have a nosey.

Again, there are so many coastal paths that you could just walk and keep on walking. By the time we looked around, went for a walk, had some fresh breeze on our face clearing up the pores, it was almost 5 pm and we decided to head back to the cottage. Also, the rain was threatening and we didn’t want to get drenched.

The next day, we bid our farewell to our lovely hosts, and their animals (I enjoyed their fresh farm eggs for breakfast which you could buy for £1) and headed to a place called Cenarth which we had spotted on our way to Cardigan Bay the previous day. We were there on a Sunday so it was totally deserted, but we were greeted by the glorious falls and the river which was on full flow thanks to the rains. It was such a cute and lovely place. If you are ever near that area, do not miss this place. I got a jewel case (a tiny one) just as a memoir of this place. It has got ancient history and we went to the church to see if it was open and happened upon a group of folks who were arriving at the church’s graveyard on the anniversary of one of their beloved’s passing. We saw them on their way back too and they offered us to join them for some drinks which we had to politely decline because we were running out of time to get back. Here are some photographs of the place and the falls. Also, Cenarth is right in between two counties, Camarthen and Ceredigion. You can see the boards on both sides of the bridge which goes over the river.

The small church like place you see in the above photograph is dedicated to St Llawddog and there is a small stream of water that flows from an opening. It is said that it cures a lot of ailments. The water was sweet (yes! we tasted it 🙂 ). After we had quenched our thirst of this quirky little village (nothing was open as it was Sunday) we headed to our next stop, which was a farmer’s market in a place called Talley.

Every (other) Sunday, this place hosts a Farmer’s market and they have a stall by Goatylicious people who not only sell their raw Goat’s milk but also some goodies (both sweet and savoury). We had heard of them but hadn’t had a chance to visit them (we usually got to the local Farmer’s market which is held monthly and these people were there once and that is who we got to know of them). When we arrived there we were surprised to find that it was just two stalls which composes of a market and also the place was just a couple of streets big. But we saw a sign to an Abbey, so once we had made our purchases, we decided to head that way and see how the Abbey looks like. The best ever decision on this trip. It was such a surprise to see a fully functioning Abbey, but also the gorgeous ruins (and shouldn’t forget to mention, very huge). There was also a pop-up food truck (they were getting a permanent place ready next to the church). Here are a couple of photographs of the gorgeous place. One could also book some cottages next to the abbey. This is next to the Talley Woods which hosts a lot of walks. It is also not far from a few castles, I believe.

After having a cup of hot chocolate and enjoying the serene surrounding of Talley, it was time to head back home and get ready for the daily grind the next day.

Even though we have been to Newcastle Emlyn a few times we never explored further than that. I have been to Cardigan, as part of work, but haven’t ventured any other place other than the workplace. So to be able to see this part of Wales, even if it was only on a very short trip, it felt nice.

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