Spain Tour – Day 10 – Barcelona

We arrived in Barcelona’s Sants Station at around 8.45 am. After having our breakfast in the station, we started on our way to the hotel. The hotel is just across the station and is hardly a few mins walk. Here is a view from our hotel room taken that evening.1-IMG_6122 We had originally planned to drop the luggage and then may be go around and come back during the checkin time. But luckily we had rooms available as soon as we landed there. So we decided that we will freshen up and then venture out. So our plans for the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) was cancelled. Our first stop was at La Ramblas, a prominent shopping and plaza combined which ends in the Port. It was quite crowded and I didn’t like it instantly. I don’t do well with too much crowd or rather very prominent shopping areas. We decided to stop first at the Cathedral, but we missed it in just a few seconds. The Cathedral closes by 12.30 pm and we were there by 12.25 and by the time all of us took to get together, it was closed. Bad luck. 1-IMG_5254So we took some photographs, checked out the information center there and started walking on the other side of the cathedral to get back to La Ramblas and towards the port. So many inner streets and so many shopping areas along with places to eat. But very few had vegetarian items. We saw only one purely vegetarian eating place and it was mostly salads. We then came back and started walking and on the way, saw the ad for the wax museum. Since we had time (because of the closing of the Cathedral) we decided to check it out. 1-IMG_5317 Not a great one per se, but it was fun inside to pass the time, with all that wax stuff related to underwater, star trek, Royals, Actors, Actresses, Prominent leaders of the world (Indira Gandhi was there) and some horror stuff too. After that we started again towards the port. Near the Columbus statue there were a bunch of school or high school girls who were performing the Ketchup song for the pleasure of the passer by’s. It was fun to watch. After seeing the photo’s of their performance, my friend was asking how come they all had the same color hair and looked alike 😉1-IMG_5413 After that we crossed to check out a big crowd gathered on the other side. That was for the ship that was crossing it. There was also a cable car that was going from one end of the port to the other.1-IMG_5439 You can see both in this photograph. We then had to wait until the ship crossed for the bridge to come back and make it easier to cross it to go to the other place. It was nice but was too crowded once it got in place.1-IMG_5460 Especially with all the people trying to have their quick shift shops on the bridge selling trinkets, magnets and all those small small items. We crossed the bridge and then went ahead to the Mall on the other side to have our lunch. 1-IMG_5463
After a leisure lunch and some relaxation in the mall (which has some open area at the top floor to get some sun) we started on our way back to the station to decide where we would want to head next. Since lot of other places that were originally in our plan got canned, we decided that we will go at least with La Sagrada Familia which thought will take almost half an hour. So took the metro to the place, which lands just outside of the Church and then found a long queue to get in. We were contemplating if we wanted to stand in that queue, but then thought the better of it and went ahead. Best decision actually. Because after waiting for almost 15-20 mins when we went in, we were stunned. In spite of all the work going on in the outside, it was just beautiful inside. I did a separate post on the pictures of this unique place in my other blog. So am not gonna post any pictures here. But it definitely wasn’t a 30 mins place. It took us almost an hour to complete it and get back to the metro station. But just worth every second spent.
After that we came back to the hotel for some rest and later went to La Rambla again for dinner. We walked , walked around to find a suitable place where they would have some decent vegetarian dish too except for one dish in the whole menu and found a plaza which was full of restaurants and had veg paella 🙂 (That sort of became the staple food for us vegetarians there). And then came at our own leisure to hotel back to rest. Honestly , La Rambla at night looks very nice with less crowd

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