Spain Tour – Day 11 – Barcelona

April 8, was the birthday of A, and the guys had informed the hotel staff about it. So when we went for the breakfast (an option that we took while checking in and the restaurant is in the top most floor), they had a small cake with a candle for her. It was actually nice (if it was for me, I would have been so embarrassed that I would have ducked below the table but it feels good to celebrate it for others) IMG_5628 After a relaxed breakfast we decided to check out the MNAC (Museu Nacoinal d’Art de Catalunya). So we took the Metro to go to the Para-lel station from where we have the Funicular de Montjuïc to take us to Montjuïc. It was only a few minutes ride, but a little steep actually 🙂
Once we were there, we were wondering what to do and how to cover the whole area in a day. So we first went to the information center to get ourselves a book to get us through the place. And we started by walking from the station towards MNAC, passing a small park with some sculptures IMG_5663 and then passing through Joan Miro Foundation and the Teatre Grec IMG_5685 which is way too cool ( do they really perform here ? B and C went down and tried doing something, which I am not sure of what it actually was) and then all the way up through Teatre Lliure to the MNAC. Thank God they have those escalators. B went ahead to go down first and then try climbing the stairs all the way through. We wished him good luck and we went ahead to MNAC.IMG_5703 He had too much energy to burn. As usual it was crowded with students and tourists. Not too crowded though. We went ahead and we waited for B to join us. He came up later and told us that there were escalators on the way down too. In the mean time when I was taking photographs. There was this lady in a dress, bare back and all (I do have a photograph of her , but am not sure if I should upload it) who was posing for some photographs and almost all eyes were on her. I couldn’t find anyone actually taking her photographs, but then we were slightly above than that level and I wasn’t going to go down and find that.
When we got our tickets for both the museum and the tower we did not expect it to be that huge. Of course B had said that it would 120 mins or so for the museum, but it was almost double that amount by the time when we finished it. First it was the Joan colom’s photographical journey, which was an absolute pleasure to go through. There were some amazing street photography by this person and it was just wow. And after that came the Romanesque sculptures and then paintings which was almost 2 levels or so. Each one was unique in its own way. By the time we finished that it was almost beyond our lunch time and we were already an hour or more inside the museum. So we had a quick bite in the Roman colosseum style cafetaria there and then again started on the next levels of the Romanesque sculptures and paintings and also things that were salvaged from older cathedrals. By the time we finished those it was already 3.5 hours inside the MNAC. And then we came out and proceeded to the Tower through the lift which goes to a level and from there we need to take the stairs. It was very nice. Even though in some places it was scary for me, it was cool to see the whole city from there. IMG_5878
After roaming around the tower and seeing the gardens on the other side, which was closed anyway, we rested for a while there. I lied down on a bench there but then a security guard came and asked us not to do so. It was quite hot and windy and I was already tired of all the walking. Not to mention my camera’s memory card was running out of space and I had already switched to my 8 GB card (from 32 GB) (I forgot to get my cable which could have helped me to copy it to C’s laptop and there wasn’t any card reader in C’s Mac). So once we were done in the tower, we came down and took the escalator to the magical fountains. And that is when my card got full and no more photos were taken in my DSLR.
Our next stop was Poble Espanyol We walked all the way from MNAC to Poble Espanyol (actually not much of a distance, but I was already tired of walking ). This was supposed to be a place which depicts the whole of Spain. Ideally a place we should have come first if we cannot visit the whole of Spain, because this gives you an essence of how Andalusia looks like (or rather the streets and art of that place) and how the other parts of Spain and demonstrates the specialty of each such place. But since we have been to such places already, it was sort of boring and adding to that, A, B and C went in to an art museum and were interpreting each artistic representation. I was so tired and sleepy by that time, I opted out and came out of that museum and roamed a bit on my own. IMG_2308

IMG_2288 After that, when they came out , we explored a bit more and almost after an hour or so, we walked all the way back to Espanya station (which was straight ahead of the magical fountains) and reached the hotel. I was already dead on my feet. At night we opted for the dinner in the hotel with some champagne to celebrate A’s birthday and had a very nice time.


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