I know only a few words in Spanish which I love to use it. Back to English now. Welcome to my 2nd Word Press blog which is exclusively for my travel memoirs. My other Word Press blog is ‘Books, Music and Movies : my best friends‘.

I have made a few trips, of which I am really proud of, because they involved lot of effort, mentally, and well, lot of money (which I still have to earn it back) for me. Most of them till now have been solo trips and quite a few with some friends and acquaintances. This blog has all the travelogues cataloged. Hope you enjoy the trip as much as I did doing them and writing them down too.

After writing them I realized that when I am slightly down, I go back and read any of these trips and at that time I feel like I got transported back in time and that feeling always brings back a smile on my face. I am no writer, especially no travel writer, so my language and content may be very primitive. But still, do enjoy the journey 🙂

Hasta Pronto.


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