5 Day Midlands Tour – Day 1

On Sunday, we decided to explore Liverpool which was about an hour’s journey from our cottage. Honestly, I didn’t know much about Liverpool except for the accent, the Beatles (just that they were from there), and that it recently lost its Heritage status.

I went to this tour without much prior information on the places (that was Mr M’s work… to investigate which places around our place of stay was interesting enough to visit) and our first stop was to an Indian shop in the city to find some obscure Ayurveda jam! 🙂 Interestingly it wasn’t available, which was a disappointment, but never expected to see a city so empty on a Sunday morning. But when we parked our car in the King Park, we weren’t entirely very sure, to be very honest. It felt like there might be a place where a Tamil movie’s fight scene could take place. But given the full day price there compared to all other places, we decided to take a chance (our other car was given for scrap and this one isn’t far off either… so it would be a sad moment for anyone who nicks it anyway). It was close to the Docks and all the places that Mr M had mapped out was close to it this was also very convenient.

When I heard of King Albert’s Docks, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I definitely wasn’t expecting the one that you get to see there. It massive, its huge. It also looked like the whole city decided to be there on that day for whatever reason. They had a market in there which had amazing stuff and it had been a while for us to see so many people at one place. Masks were on all the time, but the push and pull of the people and being carried away by the crowd wasn’t very pleasant but I would definitely not blame them. It’s been a long long year and we were being careful anyway. We ended up having lunch in a very nice Thai place inside which followed covid regulations and all and the food was very very tasty.

Albert Docks, Liverpool

After a good hearty meal, when we came out of the restaurant it was interesting to see that the crowd had all but vanished. It was more chilled and relaxed. I wonder what that was all about during that specific hour. We strolled around, did some window shopping and started walking towards the other end where the Beatles statue was present. You see lots of historical statues around this area. You have Tate Gallery in the docks (didn’t visit that), Billy Fury statue (knew about that person only after seeing the statue), the entrance to the docks has a Beatles VR exhibition (too costly for us to visit, I’m afraid), etc. Also the view of Birkenhead across the river was amazing. The water was so choppy it felt like you could get seasick just by looking at it and the breeze… my goodness. We saw the ferry terminal and a Cruise terminal where a Tui Cruise was currently present. Seeing a cruise ship that close, I was blown away by the sheer size of it, not that it would entice me to take a chance on it, but still. You also see the Museum of Liverpool on the way. Thankfully, there was a small window where I could take the Beatles statue without anyone standing next to it.

Beatles Statue, Liverpool

We also stopped to change lenses for me to snap the Liver from the Liver building up close and personal because we weren’t planning to go inside that day. Next to the Beatles statue you find Edward VII monument, which was very much neglected by everyone. There is also a Titanic memorial close by.

We crossed the road to visit the Our Lady and St Nicholas church, which was right at the junction and had beautiful gardens. We wanted to go inside and have a look, but there was a wedding going on. When Mr M looked surprised that they are having a wedding on a Sunday in a church, one fellow who was responsible for a very fancy car (I don’t the model name sadly, but it was a classic and it was very posh) was telling us how the couple had already registered their marriage last year during the pandemic and were doing a church wedding on their first year anniversary. It was very cute and may be have a long and happy married life. We then decided walk around and admire the huge buildings which made me feel like I was transported to a specific period in history. My goodness, how did they end up building so many building and all of them so huge! I heard the word “slaves” whispered to me, but this place made London look so small in comparison, at least for me. I have stopping regularly to take a photo of a building which looked so amazing and gigantic. We then went to the street made famous by the Beatles and saw the Cavern club and the wall of fame. It looks like any other street (even Wind street in Swansea looks posher than that…) but you can see how people of a certain age group treat that street (with reverence) . I took this photograph for remembering the street. To be able to command the reverence of a few generations is something very hard to come by…and everyone takes advantage of them in that city 🙂 You cannot escape from Beatlemania at all.

Beatle Street, Liverpool

We got ourselves a small fridge magnet to remember our visit to this city and decided to head back through a different route. It takes a lot of walking around and we had plans to go to a World Museum but were pretty knackered by then and decided to skip it and just enjoy the current area around. We were there for a good 4 hours walking around the place and enjoying the site. The one thing we did miss though was the cannoli. In the Docks, as part of the market there was this guy who was selling Italian cannoli’s and we wanted to try one, but there was a long queue when we first saw him, but by the time we went back to him in the evening, he sold out 😦 Looks like our cannoli time hadn’t arrived yet. Mr M was very disappointed even though he denied that. We have been waiting to see that being served ever since we saw it in Montalbano (not the young version…but the original one). One of these days, perhaps…

We wanted to visit the Cathedral and thought that we could walk to it (because the google maps said it would take 20 mins) but 10 mins in we decided to just drive there as we were very tired and still had to head back to our cottage. But I am glad we did not decide to skip it altogether. It would have been a serious mistake. When you get closer to the Cathedral you realize how HUGE it is. Whoa! I wonder how much sq.ft it occupies? but the inside of it is the best part I think. They had a huge display of sorts made out of paper doves. It was magical and the cathedral itself is quite a huge area with a cafe inside it. You could also pay to go up to the first level if you fancy.

Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool Cathedral Display

We spent almost an hour or so inside (30 mins parking is free after that its 2£, we aimed for 30 mins but when we went in, we decided that the 2£ is worth it). Got some souvenirs and finally headed back to our cottage.

Liverpool as a city, as Mr M mentioned, gets lots of visitor of all age groups and for various reasons and rightly so. We could have just done Liverpool for a few days as our holiday. But our purpose was to visit many places and feel the vibe of the places and not stay in a specific place for too long. This tour was more about knowing what a place looked like in the midlands so one day of Liverpool even though wasn’t enough given how huge the city is, was enough to awe me. Among all the places we visited, I would say this was one of the places which I wouldn’t mind revisiting and knowing more of its history from the locals.

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