Hampi in a day – Finale

Next day we checked out by 11.30 am (after our late breakfast). The checkout was pretty quick. We started by around 11.40 am or so. We thought we will get our lunch somewhere on the way. That was our biggest mistake. Until we reached much closer to Sira (around 3.30 pm) we did not find a single decent hotel to get our lunch. So if you are driving back from Hampi, be careful of that. That too, we ended up at a Cafe Coffee Day, which was newly opened. If not for that, we would have had to come to Sira for a Kamath Veg restaurant for our lunch + dinner. Had some food (again very limited from what they had on the menu), took some rest and started back to reach Bangalore by 6.30 pm. The toll costs come to around 400+ Rs one way if you are using the NH4. So have your change ready. This was my first long drive of my own and I was happy that I could make the 6-7 hour drive all by myself (pats myself on the back) And the company was great 😉 (Hope you are reading it). My friend did the navigation for both the drives. So it was a smooth one for me. Thank you, Sir.

I only hope that we were able to do this trip during a much better weather. Not a good thing to introduce someone who hasn’t travelled to the southern parts of India to this harsh weather and a dry area. Since Hampi is surrounded by rocks and hills and stones, it is always a place which will be a tad hotter than the rest. But we did not have a choice. And covering Hampi in a day is a feat you can achieve, but you will end up not seeing a lot of the places. Which is a choice we have to make I guess. I saw an article covering the list of places, grouped according to the importance for people who are planning to visit this place in a day. When compared to that, we did cover quite a lot. I could have listed them in one post and be done with it. But that wouldn’t do justice to this amazing place. I have always loved Hampi and is one of my very special places. I love visiting the ruins. As much as I am not very fond of History, this kind of places brings an awe with respect to the kind of architecture, the grandeur they had achieved with lower devices. I hope my friend also liked the place as much as I did, introducing it to him. We might come back for more sometime later (not another decade later for sure…don’t think this place will survive that long…even though I hope it does). If you are planning to visit Karnataka, make sure to drop into this wondering place called Hampi and remember you can make it in a day if you want to 🙂

Until the next trip, ciao!

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