Bali – The finale

When we decided to travel to Bali, one of our acquaintances, who had been to Bali earlier asked to visit the Night clubs for sure, since we had never been to one ever. The ones where you dance all night long , I mean. That isn’t legal over here. So they were like ‘just don’t miss this chance’. And honestly, we were a little bit curious. “What’s the big deal about it heh!?” we thought. So the day we went on the cycling tour, that night we thought if we felt like it we would hit one in the Kuta, especially in the Legian street.

But by the night time , it looked like we wouldn’t. We went for a walk to a close by place in Nusa Dua for the street shops looking for some restaurant and had our dinner with L doing some strong drinking loosening up his demeanor 😉 And for some reason, after the dinner we thought why not try the night clubs. There was this taxi driver who got friendly with C and we saw him at the taxi stand at the place where the restaurants were there. So we just took the cab and went to Legian street. I had my share of some wine (dont remember the name of it, but it was a little bit strong) and there were some talks about tattoos and snakes that happened on the way. There were too many tattoo shops on that street and there were two ladies who were carrying around very huge snakes (yellow and black in color) around their necks scaring the pedestrians and the shop keepers and getting money from them , I tell ya. I think I might have said something combining the two of them.

We got down after a while, because the place was too crowded and we werent entirely sure where to go (we had a couple of names stored with us) but the traffic was too much. So we decided to walk. Our original destination was Sky high. But then it was too full. And seemed a lot costlier too. The only place that looked like it was starting and wasnt crowded was a place that started with E (and I dont remember its name now). It was all about free drinks for a payment and its free until midnight. It was small and we werent entirely sure. And they did not serve any food. But then once a few drinks went it and the music started we started to move our bodies. Never in my life would I have imagined dancing, putting my zumba moves in use, and makes L and C dance. L even did some snake dance moves which was hilarious. And A got smashed. First time I have seen her smashed like that. Since I danced and sweat it out, I guess I wasn’t too high and had my wits on and about. Will I do it again? I don’t think so, not unless I have a safe place and people I feel safe with around me. But even if I did not do it ever again, I am glad I got the experience of it. It was so much fun. Us four dancing as if we did not have a care and just enjoying.

I am not sure how good the clubs are or the bars are, because I dont have enough data to compare to. But if you enjoy night life and want to have some fun, Legian street is the place to be. There are one too many and one or other place you can get in and have fun. Or may be do some club hopping too. After midnight we walked about (tried taking a selfie and it came out totally shaky and weird) to get some coffee and cheese to sober us up a bit. C was the only one who was in control. He finally got us a cab and dumped us inside it and took us back to the hotel. Thankfully, I did not get any hangover or anything ( guess I did not drink that much then or may be the dancing helped burn it out ) the next day.

Well, that sort of completes my Bali memoirs. Long story short

  • Bali is a beautiful place
  • Less traffic, good hospitable people
  • Clean air
  • Tropical climate (so its nothing new to us)
  • Lovely Resort
  • Amazing company of friends
  • Beach, Mountains, Forests, everything in one place
  • Good food
  • Affordable

What else do we need ? Since it is much cheaper for us, it sort of is a prime travel destination. And since we went during off season (or slight off season) we had good deals and less crowd too.

A few mistakes we did were. We stayed in Nusa Dua and travelled everywhere. Which might not be a wise thing to do if you want to explore more of Ubud and other northern parts. Also the Sunset points, we went in a little late. Could have gone in much earlier to take some good spots, even though there are no complaints. We still enjoyed them. We can rent a cycle or a bike and go around instead of using cabs. Something which we knew about but didnt try. If we had planned it a little bit better, I guess it would have been more fun , but this doesnt mean that what we had was less fun. This was mainly for our leisure and that is what we did.

The Cambodia and Bali tour ticked off one of my dream destinations: Angkor Wat. And I got to do my Sunrise trip to this place too. If I get another chance I would love to come back again (which I keep saying for almost all the places but never happens) but now that Bali is Visa Free for Indians, I guess it is all the more inviting to visit it again.

And none of these would have been so much fun without the good company of my friends. A, C & L : Thank you so much for being such amazing friends. This was L’s first international trip with us and I hope this did not put him off from travelling with us again. And as it says in the header…it is the journey that matters in the end and we had an helluva journey!

Until next time…



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