Bali – Sunsets – Part 2

The second place that is beautiful for Sunset (not that any other place isnt….but this has their own landscape for a backdrop…if you know what I mean) is Tanah Lot. Its a temple again. But you wouldnt be able to go up to the temple. The whole area is crowded with so many people who want to picture the beautiful Sunset against the rocky cliff. 1-IMG_07331-IMG_06241-IMG_0652

On the way to this temple are many shops (from the parking lot) and guess what I got to touch an Owl. There were some bats (ugly creatures they were) and a civet (the one famous for the Luwak coffee) and it is sad that they were chained. There were two people sitting with HUGE snakes around their necks. Well, we weren’t that adventurous. When C went to touch the Owl, it looked at him and then after a few seconds literally jumped away from his hands. So I was a little apprehensive but may be it did not want to disappoint a lady, so it just gave me a sly look but let me pet it.

Once we went to the main area close to the sea, we went our own ways to take photographs and totally did not discuss where we were gonna meet. I was so engrossed with trying to take a HDR photograph of the sun, I did not know when these folks (i.e. my friends) left and I did not know where they went. And with that crowd, it will never be possible to find them and it was getting dark. So I decided that after a while when I am done, I will just walk to the parking lot (we arrived from Ubud that day in a taxi and the guy was waiting for us in the parking lot and this was a different taxi)

After a while going about taking photographs, I decided that I will take a quick look at the cliff on the other side of the temple where quite a few people were standing and then go to the parking lot and guess what I found ? My friends lurking about taking photographs 🙂 They were wondering the same thing as I was. Where on earth did I go ?

We took some more time taking photographs from there and then headed back to the parking lot to call it a day. Had a cycling tour to do the next day.

This place gets quite crowded during Sunset. So unless you have cellphones to contact the rest, better to stay close or at least decide on where to meet in case you split up. And it is again a place you do not want to miss seeing during sunset. 


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