Bali – Rest of the temples

As part of the Bali tour we went to two other temples. One was called Puseh Batuan temple.

and the other is Goa Gajah temple.


The first one is a very typical Balinese temple, full of ornaments (not the ones that we wear, but the ones that are carved). It was quite crowded because there was a tour group that came at the same time. You might have to wear a sarong to enter the temple. You get to see various local musical instruments and various idols they worship.

The second one, we were fortunate to visit during Ganesh Chathurthi day while we were on our way to Ubud Palace (it got closed because of too many tourists already in). So we did a detour to this place and saw the elephant cave. They were getting it all decked up for an event of some sorts. It also has a place where you can walk a bit around (a small hike if you wanna be all fancy).

These two places were good to visit to see the various types of temples in the region, if you are interested in such places. Our trip to Ubud and to visit the palace , as I said earlier was a disaster. Didn’t expect it to be closed and it was quite hot that day too. We didn’t go to the Monkey forest either, because we have enough of those in India already. And the drive from Nusa Dua to Ubud was a little bit tiring. That wasn’t very well planned by us. So if you plan to visit the northern part of Bali, better to stay in Ubud.

We did stop by a place in between for our lunch which was good. At all places we did make sure to have some traditional Indonesian cuisine (they did have some good veg stuff too with coconut curry …similar to Thai but not entirely).

I guess I have one more post to go recording our first night club visit and then I would be done 🙂




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