Bali – Sunsets – Part 1

Continuing with Bali, this post is about the two places we had been to which is best seen during Sunset time. And you should get there early so as to not miss a good place if you want to photograph the sunset.

The first place was Uluwatu. We took a taxi from Nusa Dua (the hotel guys had to call for one and we did some waiting because there are no taxi’s waiting outside the area just like that). One of the weirdest taxi rides ever. I ended up sitting in the passenger seat and was being polite to the Taxi driver when he was asking about me and then within a matter of seconds he started flirting with me (much to the amusement of my friends at the back seat) not in a very blatant manner, but in a very subtle way. By the end of the drive to Uluwatu, I was ready to kill one of my friends (any one would have satisfied me) who made me take the front seat. Would never forget that taxi ride. And thankfully, one look was all it took for C to come to my rescue and volunteer to take the front seat during the ride back to hotel. I was half afraid that the driver was gonna join us for the Kechak performance and thankfully that did not happen. But we were a little late so couldn’t actually go up to the temple. We weren’t so much interested in the temple , as much as we were interested in the sunset and the performance. Here are couple of photographs.1-IMG_01361-IMG_01651-IMG_0263

If you plan to take some good photographs of this place during Sunset, make sure to go early, grab some nice spots and click away 🙂 And do not miss the Kecak Fire Dance performance. It starts at about 6 pm in the amphitheater attached to the temple. It is so amazing and beautiful. It is a story we as Indians are very familiar about. Its about Lord Hanuman and his part in Ramayana. It starts from where Ram goes find that golden Deer for Sita and ends with Hanuman setting Lanka on Fire (that is the significance of the fire dance in the title). The actors were so good and the people who do the Kecak sound…wow…they have to have some amazing stamina for making that sound through out the performance. No other music other than the group sitting around in the third photograph and producing that chak chak sound. And Hanuman was so interactive and hilarious. They make the whole performance so memorable and enjoyable. He take selfies with people in the crowd too, if you are one of the lucky ones chosen by Him 😉

The performance is for about an hour and by 7 pm the temple is closed. So if you want to see the temple, you might want to do it before the performance. But do not miss this. You can also take photographs with the performers once the show is done. Since we were interested in getting back for our dinner and relaxing happy hours we started off immediately. The drive back was no less painful even though I was sitting in the back seat. And I was ready to see the back of this driver when he dropped us at Bali Collection where we got down for our dinner. Its another good place to try out various restaurants and is in Nusa Dua and a walkable distance from Ayodya. We did take a cab from there that day because we werent too sure of the distance and the restaurants were offering free ride back to the hotel, so we decided to use that. But if you wanna walk close by anytime for shopping and food courts, this is the place to come.

I am cutting this post short and will continue with the 2nd sunset place in my next post.


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