Bali – Ayodya Resort

I have been ignoring my recordings of my Bali travel for sometime now. So without further ado and before the year gets to an end, here is the rest of it (may be in parts)

Now that we have arrived in Bali, I ain’t gonna record the events on a daily basis. Because this was a destination planned for some leisure and that is what we did. We did not have any plans and did not make any. We played it by the ear and got around to seeing a few places. Not all of them were successfully done, but we had fun nonetheless.

Let me start with the hotel we were staying. Its called Ayodya. For people who don’t know Ramayan, it’s the birth place of Lord Ram, as per Hindu Mythology. It was AMAZING! Nusa Dua one of the places in Southern Bali, which consists of all the 5 star resorts. There is security entering into this place and each hotel has their own security. Wanna see some of the pictures of the hotel and their beach? I shouldn’t even be calling it a hotel. It is a resort. And its huge. Really…very huge. I especially loved their beach and their buffet. Beach was calm and quiet at the time of the year (i.e. September). Buffet had almost 5 types of cuisine. First time ever I had something called snake skin fruit. Its just that the skin of that fruit looks like a snake’s skin. But it was delicious. 1-IMG_01111-IMG_03751-IMG_00141-IMG_0094

I would totally love to go to this resort again if I had a chance. Comfortable rooms, hospitable people. even though I didn’t use them, there were one too many pools (even one by the beach)…Cozy and comfortable. Everytime we had a heavy breakfast, half of it got digested on the way to our rooms 😛 And they have so many lounges too , with live music, happy hours, you name it.

The only problem would be travelling to other places from Nusa Dua. Since it is in the southern part, any travel to Ubud and other northern regions took a lot of time…I mean really a lot of time. So be prepared for that.

The first day was mostly exploring the hotel, enjoying the beach, having some fun time by the pool and that is how we passed the morning…At the beach, these guys pushed me into the water and I dont even know how much sea water I drank that day and the sand was everywhere…literally everywhere… I did not have plans to get into the water…L and C were fighting against the tide and in the words of L, got beaten up by the Sea just like Loki was by Hulk. I then decided to just dip my toes in the water… and then the next thing I know, these two were holding my hand and asking me to jump and by the time I realized what they said, I was underwater. Thankfully L was holding on to me, because I just let go and went with the flow of the water. And since I did not know how to swim, the tide could have dragged me in. All is well that ends well…well almost..because I had to go back to the room and take almost 3 showers to remove that sand. After that episode, sex on a beach doesn’t sound very practical. Romantic, yes, practical no.

Later in the evening, we decided to check out this Uluwatu and Kechak Fire Dance. I was totally obsessed with it and kept on saying ‘fire dance’ (with very typical hand movements that is seen in that dance) .  I will talk about the incident and the fire dance a little later (there is some embarrassing story behind it). Let me finish about the hotel in the post. They have water activities, like surfing , parasailing etc…which are sort of outsourced and a little bit costly. But if you wanna get the experience of it, you can opt for it. C did the surf thing and he said it was OK and he could get on the board for a few seconds. Of course that also depends on the tide and time. L and I did parasailing for which they took us to BMR Dive and Water Sports place. Was quite crowded. And we did the 2/3 in one parasailing. 1-IMG_3459.JPG

I took my camera this time (the digital camera of course) and made sure to click some snaps from up and above. It was cool. This parasailing was L’s first and he did enjoy it , I think 🙂 The guys from the hotel took us to this place in their cab and brought us back. The hotel had a gym where you could rent a cycle to go around the Nusa Dua place (for an hour) but it was always either booked or was a long waiting line. You might want to go early if you wanna do it. Also one other thing which I wanted to do but didn’t get around to do it was the costume thing. They have a specific time when you can get dressed in traditional Indonesian costume. It was advertised for kids, but I never got to check if they do it for elders too.

The last day I decided to do some Time lapse Sunrise shots and totally messed it up. More details of it can be found on my weekly photography challenge entry: oops A couple of them came OK, but still. It was a disaster according to me. I got up at 5.30 am for that too. The previous day L got some amazing shots and it was non cloudy too. He made sure to let me know that he got the better deal with the Sun God this time 😛 when I told him about the clouds the next day. And the previous day, I slept in because we had a very very late night (after hours of partying)

One thing about these places though. I am not sure how safe it is to go around about at night because it can be quite deserted. When I was going around on my own to take some night photographs of the place, I did encounter a person who wanted to take selife with me and wasn’t taking no for an answer. So being a little careful will help being safe rather than being sorry later.

C did a great job of selecting an amazing resort to stay and it was just the best! We really enjoyed our stay here.


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