Bye Siem Reap , Hi KLIA2

Continuing with the tour report, the next day we started early by 5 am. The van from the hotel was ready for us to drop us off at airport. We bid adieu to the lovely staff of Sokkhak Boutique Hotel and were on our way to Bali. When we reached the airport, we had to wait for the staff to arrive 🙂 It started to rain (or rather drizzle outside) and there was only one counter for ticketing. It was anyway for Air Asia, but people leaving to different places were standing in the same queue. So we were in the queue, when after a while they opened the other counters. Got our tickets and dropped the bags and went our way for Immigration.

Here a fun thing happened. I say fun, because any other way to look at it would make me angry about it. So my friend A went ahead to give her passport. This guy (an old fellow infact) took her passport and waved her to move aside. We were perplexed. Why has he got her passport and asking her to move ahead to let others come ? He did the same when I went next. He just got my passport, made a hand gesture to tell me to move away and stand next to my friend and called the guys over. I was literally fuming and was wondering what the hell is problem was. Didn’t have to wait for long. When he got the passport from the guys, he lowered his voice and asked them to tip him something. I was shocked. I didn’t know that they can do that. Then my friend told him very politely that we didn’t have any local currency and all we have is Indian Rupees. The other immigration guy was doing his duty and letting people go. This guy was holding us up and was trying to bargain to give him some money. Finally, when he realized we ain’t to gonna cough up any money, he stamped our passports and let us go. C told us that he read about it in one of the forums and was expecting it. A and I were in for a shock actually that such a thing happened. Then C & L told us this used to happen in India too sometime back. So weird and not fair at all.

Had our breakfast in the one restaurant that was opened there and were waiting for our flight. It was raining by the time we got into the flight. When we landed in KLIA2, this time it was OK because we didn’t have to go else where. Be there in KLIA2 only. But that doesn’t mean we did not have to walk all the way from one end to the center and back again. We took to Old Town Coffee again (became fond of this place actually 🙂 ) because we had to wait until sometime the checkin counter can open. Once that was out of the way later, we started playing in the iPad the various games that we had.  And then again after a security check and immigration, we did not find a proper place to sit anywhere… why aren’t there enough places to sit near the gates ? There were very less chairs. We had to find a place where we could plug the iPad because we were running out of battery and we had to stand for a long time playing games or rather puzzles.

We were in KLIA2 airport for almost the whole day. Because the flight was in the evening only. By the time we started our flight we were exhausted doing nothing but playing puzzles. And we arrived late in the evening in Bali. We went ahead to get our Visa’s done which was on arrival and for which we need to pay in dollars cash. There was a huge queue for the forms and the ones in English got over very soon too. Thankfully we did get some and got our visa’s done. My luck with the baggage arrival changed somewhere during the trip and I started getting my checked in bag much earlier than the rest of our group. Yay!!!

We took some cash out of the ATM machine because everything was in Rupiah here. L got a local SIM card with data. A and C went and had some quick snack because A was hungry. She didn’t have much during the flight. Once we were ready , booked a taxi from the taxi counter for 200000 Rupiah to Nusa Dua, where our hotel , Ayodhya Resort, was. It was a very posh area and the hotel was very HUGE and beautiful. Very well lit up at night too. Got the rooms allotted and it took a while to get to the rooms from the reception. As soon as we got to the room, we messaged folks back home about our latest whereabouts and crashed for the day.


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