2nd tour of the season – The start

Its been too long since I wrote anything in this blog 😦 I had been to USA this May and had some nice incidents to record but lost track of the same. I still have my notes and photographs so I might do it before this year ends. But with respect to the recent visit to Cambodia and Bali, I didn’t want to make the same mistake, so here I am starting it off today and probably will finish it sooner than later. And the fact that I am feeling a little sick and trying to divert my mind with fun things (like reminiscing the trip) might also be a reason. So here it goes.

We get too many festival related holidays the second part of the year in general. And last year we (i.e. my friends and I ) had been to Pune for a week long trip. So when we (lets name my friends here as A, C and L) gathered to decide on the place we would be visiting this year, it was sort of decided that it would be Ladakh and/or Leh. But when we started discussing the weather, the flights, the stay, the things to do during the trip etc…it became evident that not all of us were very keen to visit the dry place which might probably have too much driving in high altitudes. So the focus shifted to other places which we can visit without having to go through the whole set of Visa and its formalities. African safari was rejected (I was the only person who was very excited that it got mentioned in the first place), Seychelles was considered as a last option because there is nothing much to do except water activities, and thankfully, Cambodia was sort of accepted if Bali was thrown in. I have planned for Cambodia (or specifically to Siem Reap) thrice earlier and all attempts have failed for one or the other reason. So I was glad that I didn’t start it, because I was damn sure that me mentioning that place will get the whole plan jinxed. But I did say a big YES to it. So did others, because well we had Bali also to visit and relax.

So that out of the way, when the logistics were researched, C found out that we might have to get a Malaysian visa if we use AirAsia and Malaysian Airlines because they both were in different terminals and to get to KLIA2 (where AirAsia lands) to KUL airport (where Malaysian Airlines lands) we need a Malaysian Tourist Visa. That is something really very stupid. Why dont they give a transit visa in the Airport for the same ? So we had to go through the formalities of a Visa for Malaysian Tourist Visa and got it done on time. Thankfully Cambodia and Indonesia allows visa on arrival for Indians.

C took the charge of researching the logistics and booking of the flights and hotels. And I should say he did a very good job. The hotels he chose were very very good. We had too many flights to change between Bangalore to Siem Reap and then from there to Bali via KualaLumpur and ended up spending almost a day and a half or almost 2 days in Kuala Lumpur Airport. But that couldn’t have been avoided because we did not have any other relevant flights. This was L’s first international trip with us. I got myself a wide angle lens for all the landscape photography I would do in Cambodia and the temples there. I was so stoked about visiting AngkorWat and was determined to see the Sunrise of that temple. I have been waiting to see that place for so long now. I did my research on Bali and places we could see and the only thing I really wanted to see was the Kechak Dance and probably a visit to Mount Batur. Otherwise we didn’t have any set plans to do and decided that we will take things as they come and decide then and there. We did have our materials like the guides and stuff so that we can check things out when in need.


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