Chikmagalur Trip – Final Day & Belur

When I thought I would wake up late with a hangover, I surprised myself and got up exactly at 6 am with just a slight discomfort (because of those very puffy eyes) and that is it. I was so happy and I decided to use my pinhole lens for the morning shots to see how it works. So again, after freshening up I went on my own with my camera along with the pinhole lens to take some photographs from the main area. I did not take my tripod with me and thought of using the benches and walls for steadying the camera. I did take some and just rested there to enjoy the morning quiet and peace and when more people started to come out , I made my way back to the villa and used the wall of the verandah and took some shots of the mountains. Just then L came out and we tried some more shots to play with the exposure and low light. I did bore him quite a bit about the pinhole lens 😉

We then went for our usual cup of coffee by 7.15 am and since the badminton area got free (those who were playing left for the trek) we started to play. C hadn’t got up yet, so the four of us paired up and started playing. B can’t serve at all. It is always funny to see him serve. But then S was pretty good and we kept playing for quite some time until one other girl came up to L and told him that she wanted the rackets. We finally decided that it was time to go and have our breakfast, since C joined us. After the breakfast, we decided to go back and start packing. Our check out time was 11 (if I am not wrong) and L and S wanted to use the pool before we left. So I got back and packed all the stuff and got it ready. C and myself loaded the stuff (except for B and S’s stuff which they were yet to pack) in the car and in the mean time S and L got into the pool. B was packing the rest and joined us and we did the check out. One other point to note is that these people do take only cash, no credit cards are allowed. Thank God I had some cash drawn from an ATM in Chikmagalur on our way to the resort. Finally after everything was settled, L and S also joined us at around 11 or so and after a group selfie (which was taken in L’s camera and came out really very well and also helped one other family to take a group snap) we started our way back.

While driving back, L felt a little dizzy because of the downward journey and the curves but since the travel was faster than the upward journey he felt better sooner than expected. S soon went off to deep sleep as soon as the journey started. We then took a vote if we wanted to do Belur on the way, since it doesn’t take much time to do that and it was on the way anyways. I always wanted to visit Belur and Halebidu for quite sometime. So I was OK with it, as always. When everyone agreed to do it, I was so so glad 🙂 We were there almost by lunch time or even later than that, but since the temple doesn’t close at all because of the tourism, it was all good. We went to the temple by around 1.30 pm or so and it was pretty hot. Since we aren’t allowed slippers or shoes inside the temple, in some places I had to really dance my way through to take some photographs. We were there for more than an hour or so and still that wasn’t enough for me to take the photographs of all those beautiful art sculptures. I loved it. I need to go back there some other time probably during early morning and spend more time with the sculptures and my camera and may be experiment a little more with the shots. I could manage only with so much with limited time.

After that we had our lunch at a nearby hotel , in the same road that leads to the temple, and then we started back to Bangalore. On the way, we again played Taboo in the car. All the drives were done by C so far. When we stopped for coffee at around 6 pm at a Cafe Coffee Day, B took over the driving ( and S became the RJ obviously) until the end of the trip since he had to take the car anyways with him. Since it was already late and we had booked the car only for three days, we decided to extend it by a day and return it on Tuesday. The traffic was crazy on the way back and there is no dearth of morons who drive with high beam in the high way even though there is enough traffic. It was hurting our eyes so badly. So L devised an idea. C had this scream mask got and we had it with us during the trip. So every time we saw a high beam vehicle behind us, he would actually wear that mask and turn around to see them, sort of trying to scare them. I am not sure if they were scared but I was getting a good laugh. And then I joined him in trying to show the mask to those who were coming too close with high beams. It was so much fun , even though it was done out of frustration. Finally, we dropped L at around 9 pm and I got dropped at my place by 9.30 pm. Bid my goodbye’s to those folks and did not even unpack. Went straight to crash, feeling all satisfied with the trip especially that I also did Belur along the way.

Photos of Belur are here.

Here are some quick facts

Eagle Eye Resorts:

  • A Lovely Place
  • Need to carry enough cash
  • The spices I bought from there were very good as was the Coffee powder (my mom liked it)
  • A Villa has four beds, so you might want to check with them about it if you are in a group because we generally assume that it will be two beds.
  • Food is very good (except for the camp fire starters)
  • The roads that lead to this resort after it deviates from the main highway is not that great. You might have to go a little slow.
  • If you are going from Bangalore then better to start before 6 am at least to avoid the mad traffic.
  • They do have a swimming pool just so you know and the pathway is well hidden 🙂 The entrance is in the car parking area.  They also have a children’s play area opposite the swimming pool entrance.
  • Overall it is a nice place to spend a weekend break.

We had earlier booked our vehicle through Zoom Car and just the day before our trip, we got a mail that the car that was allotted to us met with an accident and hence the reservation got cancelled. We finally got a booking done through Avis and they were pretty cool because they dropped the car and did the pick up the next day too. We did add a little damage to the car while taking a reverse during our breakfast time, but we weren’t charged for it yet (at least so far nothing was charged to the credit card and hopefully it will remain so)

Every trip, I experience something that makes it memorable for me. During this trip I got really drunk, not just highly buzzed as it happened in Spain 🙂 and that is a first for me. I will never forget that experience and that is something I do not want to repeat (touch wood). And I am really very very glad we did Belur too. Thank you friends for an amazing and relaxing vacation, as always. And I would like to end it with a quote I had posted on my other blog.

Life’s journey is always easier when you hear a friend’s footsteps beside you. – Franklin A Ohiozebau


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