Chikmagalur Trip – Day 2

I was surprised when I got up exactly at 6 am. Surprised because I don’t usually get up until my alarm goes off and on weekends my alarm is set for 9 am 😀 That day being Sunday, I would have usually got up only after 9 for sure. But put me in a place where I am alone with nature and I am an early bird. Hmmm!!! I went out to check out the lights , just to make sure if the sun will be rising any time soon for some good photographs of the early morning mist, if any. But was very dark and I could hear only the birds and owl hooting. But since I couldn’t get back to sleep and I liked the morning chillness, decided to take a walk with my camera. So freshened up a little and pinged to check if any of my friends would care for a walk and when I received no answer in the next 5 mins, decided to go on my own. It was the Western Ghats so any proper sunrise behind the mountains were ruled out, but that doesn’t rule out any beautiful view of the mountains from the main reception area. They have this big Eagle statue there with the backdrop of the mountains and it was pretty amazing. When I went there, found that they were cleaning up the place and I was the only guest who was up and roaming around with the camera. I just loved the quiet and the peace. Took some pics when the lights were slowly coming up and after enjoying the morning calmness went back to the villa to make sure others were up and freshened up so that we can be ready for the trek by 7.30 am.

We had our coffee by 7.15 am and by 7.30 am they called us to join the morning trek. It isn’t mandatory, but its part of the room rent so its upto one to go for it. I am still a little afraid of walking on the slopes because of my fall in 2013, but this time my stamina had increased a lot as was commented by everyone. I felt good walking too. Except may be the stones where I had to sort of climb, I had to give my camera to someone else. And I had always someone behind me to prevent me from falling. There were quite a set of people who did come for the trek. It wasn’t difficult at all and the view from the final point was very very good. The sun was high and shining bright by the time we made it there by around 8.15 am or so. We took photographs, played around a bit, and generally had fun, trying to hide / squat behind the bushes 😉 These guys remind me all the time that there is no such species called Men, they are just grown up Boys. We relaxed in those rocks looking out at the vast , mighty and beautiful Western Ghats before us. And after some relaxing there, it was time to head back for our breakfast. During my morning walk I noticed a pool area, which we weren’t aware of and these guys especially L wanted a pool to relax. So informed them about it and they decided to check it out after breakfast. The food over at the resort was really very good, be it lunch or dinner or breakfast. After that we decided to join the Plantation walk before we could go again to our villas. It started at around 9.30 am or so.

They took us through the coffee plantation that this resort owns and explained the process and showed us all the plants that they have and the processes. It was a very nice walk around the plantation area. So many varieties to see. We even got some fresh oranges to eat. They were so yummy. The whole walk around with the guide took us around 2.5 hours. S got some memorabilia too. It was quite a big area. And it was very interesting too. We also had fresh cocoa. It was different. By the time the plantation walk ended, I was dripping sweat and was badly in need of a shower. Before that we confirmed about the pool and got some snacks in the small shop they had along with some swimwear for the guys and went to freshen up. The guys wanted to go and use the pool later, which was opened from 2.30 pm to 4 pm (no idea why the pool has limited timings, 10.30 am to 12.30  and 2.30 to 4 pm) so met up again at that time. We had a tiny problem of locating the pool entrance 🙂 (there isn’t a proper sign board as such, except for the exit of the pool area which is always closed) and the other problem we had was that there aren’t any towels there. You need to get your own. These guys realized it later (i.e. after getting into the pool) and then I had to go and talk to the receptionist and managed to get fresh towels for them (I never enter any water area, wetting my feet is as far as I go)

After spending enough time in the pool where these guys sort of scandalized the other couple who were there and where the husband was teaching his wife to swim, we finally headed back to our villas, to get ready for a walk around. We went down the main area to a small lake that we saw from the dining hall and took some snaps during the sunset from there. I did not take my camera during that walk, but had my phone and took some pictures using that. Some came out very well. Here is one which was auto-awesome’d by Google+ It was a pretty decent walk and it felt refreshing.

Came after and after spending sometime outside in the verandah, where I had so many opportunities for capturing so many birds with my zoom lens fitted camera, we decided to take it inside and start the game of Charades. I had loaded a game called PreGame in my iPad (even though I had no idea what it was) and we decided to try that out. Before that the new Wine bottles were opened and I was already on my 3rd glass and pretty much buzzed than my usual. Since we didn’t carry enough stuff to eat except for some light snacks, my usual drinking style (i.e. drink them like water) didn’t help me one bit and by the time we got hold of the game (it is a pretty nasty one I say 🙂 ) I was drunk and my motion control was totally screwed. So by 7.30 pm they decided to halt and get some food in me, but we stopped at the camp fire because the dinner was served only by 8 pm and I didn’t want to have any starters because it always arrived late. One thing I learnt from getting almost drunk (the word almost is because I was still in control of what I was saying to some extent) that I am a very emotional drunk. We were going through the photographs and one picture made me tear up and after that there was no controlling it. There were enough reasons for me to cry and I cried for each one of them. I felt so bad for being so pathetic and crying before my friends (which hadn’t happened till then) but I couldn’t hold it back. They made me eat some dinner and yet it was non stop. After almost an hour of drama from my side we went back to the camp fire and I was dancing sitting in my seat , even though they encouraged me to go and dance my buzz off along with others guests who were dancing there, more drunk than me for all those kuthu songs. We went back at around 10 or so and played for some more time even though C left a little early to crash.

After a slightly confused game of Charades (because there was a discussion on what rules to follow, split the words, not split the words etc etc) we decided to wrap it up by around 11 pm. This was our last night in the resort and since we were quite drunk (every one else was also drunk but they could hold their drink pretty well, not like me) we decided to forego the early morning safari at 5.30 am which no one was sure that we will be able to make it and the fact that it did cost additional 2500 /- Rs didnt help the case either. I went to bed thinking that next day I am gonna wake up with my first hangover and a very swollen eyes but my embarrassment that I cried before them was more than enough than anything else. They also made me talk about what I didn’t like about each of them and I did say something to each and I remembered thinking before really falling asleep that I should definitely ask if I hurt their feeling and say sorry for my behavior to each of them the next day. With that I fell asleep without any other thoughts clouding my mind.


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