Pune Trip – Final Part

On 3rd, we had plans to start the journey to Sinhagad Fort a little early so that we can trek to the fort (a 40 min or 1 hour trek I believe) from the foot hills, but then got a little delayed and eventually got to the Fort entrance by car. I was secretly very happy about not doing the trek. Wasn’t very sure if my knee was going to survive that kind of pressure. It is on the top of the hill and its quite huge in itself. My other post explains about it a little bit, but it definitely took us almost 3 hours to go through the whole circle of the fort and come back to the car park. A definite must see place if you like forts and trekking and stuff like that. And then as we were about to start back, tired and yet filled with good traditional food that we had there, our car was found punctured 😦 We had to change the tires in that hot sun and then start our way back. The folks went to check the puncture and stuff, while I went home to relax. We got to spend some time with B’s nephew too. Made maggie for him and he liked it too 🙂 He was a sweet kid. In the evening, we went to see the fort inside the city called Shanivar Wada. Since we were keen on the sound and light show, we arrived a little early and then later went around until 8 pm for the English version to start. Trust me, you want to avoid this. Because it is dark and the light and sound show is so badly done, that it is actually more of sound than lights. By the time it started there were 25 people for the show and when it ended, it was just the three of us. It was that bad. The cost is very less, but very poorly managed. It would have been better if we were there earlier at least to see that place in day light. No use and even the locals were surprised that we actually went to that place !!!

The next day we were about to start back to Bangalore in the evening so it was the day where we had to relax, cleanup the house a bit. We also had breakfast and lunch in some popular places like Ramakrishna for breakfast and Mahesh Lunch home for lunch. Both were good. Mahesh lunch home is famous for its sea food. By the time we finished all cleaning and packing and fixing the tire and stuff, it was time for us to leave Pune. We said our byes to B’s brother and his nephew and started at around 6 pm. And just like that it started pouring. Again!!! Just like the start, it was raining very heavily for almost 2 hours. I did not get to drive the way back. We did break for a nap time in between at around 2-3 am and then drove all the way to Bangalore and I got to reach home by around 10 am on Sunday. For me the drive wasn’t that bad because I hogged the backseats and slept off comfortably, but the guys must have needed that rest on that Sunday to get back to work on Monday.

Overall it was a very relaxed and enjoyable trip without much effort. We could have spent more time in Matheran, which was the only thing that we felt we could have planned a little better. And this is not a perfect time for Kolaba fort visit. And to do my first river rafting, wow that was an experience and the first time ever horse ride too. Yay!!! As usual, thanks to B for his planning and allowing us to stay at his place in Pune. And to C because he was the one who drove us almost everywhere, not to mention that we almost always use his car for these trips. Thanks C.

No points to me for writing this report so late, but I wanted to get this done before this year ends. I am glad that I could finally complete this. Here is to more such trips in future. Cheers!


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