Spain Tour – After the end

Some interesting notes from the Spain trip.

  • Vegetarians spent almost 20-30k less when compared to the non-vegetarians because of the cut in the food. All we had was Veg paella or Spanish Tortilla.
  • It is always good to know Spanish when you are in Spain. Not all of them speak English. And speaking their mother tongue makes us look nice in their eyes. They become very appreciative of your efforts.
  • I lost 4 kgs after the trip due to all the walking done. But gained a bit after coming back.
  • Metro was misused very badly everywhere by us 🙂 Actually that is the best way to commute. Even though in Barcelona, we had to walk a lot inside the metro to actually go to the platform. We would have rather walked to the next station itself.
  • Weather was very nice everywhere, except may be in Barcelona, where we felt like it was slightly hotter.
  • Going before the actual season starts has its own advantages. We got the beach for ourselves for two days. No crowd, no one to disturb you and in all the other places too , except for Barcelona again, it was pretty cool.
  • If you go to Seville, do not miss the climb of the Cathedral Tower. If I can do it, anyone can.
  • Montserrat, it would have been cool if I could have done the final climb too. We saw a cross on the top of a mountain there. But could not figure out how to get there. These guys were saying that it would vanish if we go near. I know that was total BS but still , what if ??? 😉
  • Do not miss the boy choir performance in Montserrat Monastery. Literally reduces you to tears (Good ones)
  • I prefer Madrid to Barcelona, not with respect to Football, but with respect to living. Less crowded, cool weather. We were staying in the central of the city and yet was very less crowded
  • All the hotels in Spain (except for Tossa De Mar because it was old one and it looked like it got renovated from a villa) had bathrooms with no locks. WTH!!! And it has glass doors. God, it was so embarrassing.
  • I still have to learn to get a proper shoe for my trips. This is the third time I am doing this. When will I learn ? Well, B sold me his extra shoes (why does guys need extra shoes in a trip, I don’t understand)
  • Red Wine and Sangria were the ones that we almost had for every meal. But with respect to beer, if I remember correctly (because B had only beer everywhere), there were different popular brands in Madrid and in Barcelona.
  • In this trip, I got more buzzed (due to Red Wine) than I had ever in my life.
  • Before the trip, I thought the weather will be very cold, so had my heavy jacket (used for both rain and cold weather) with me. But everyone deemed that it was suitable only for North Pole. Spent more energy carrying that around than anything else. Have got to replace that !!!
  • Visited one too many Cathedrals but the best of the lot was in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia
  • It would have been awesome if the La Granja Palace was in full bloom.
  • First time, B took almost 1000+ photographs and almost crashed everyone’s Facebook notification system. And well, I had around 4k photographs to my account (not to mention the additional memory card I had to buy, lesson: Get the camera cable everywhere)

I can go on like this for more. But altogether, it was a wonderful trip. Special Thanks to B for arranging this. He took care of each and every small detail and none of the rest of the us could help him (except may be for booking the hotels and tickets). Having the itinerary as a guide for the trip really helped (and I am sorry that I did not see it till the last but one day, you know I was busy with completing my work before the trip). It also helped me jot down notes so as to write it down in this blog. So double thanks dude. I still think you have an amazing career waiting for you in Travel Planning and Management (make sure to give me good discounts if you ever switch). I had a very good group of friends who made this trip memorable (and yes, we did have a few hiccups, but that is life and that is travel, without which it would have been too perfect for my taste. I don’t like perfectionism for the record). And yes, this trip made my resolution more strong that we should be doing it every year. Guys, if you read this, I am very glad to have done this with you (and not alone actually and that has nothing to do with me not knowing enough Spanish) and wherever we might migrate, let us get together every year and I promise I will contribute the next time 🙂

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