Spain Tour – Day 14 & 15 – Tossa De Mar

I am going to club the last two days in Tossa De Mar in a single post, because we pretty much did nothing but relax here.
We started from Barcelona after the breakfast and caught the train to Costa Brava region. Earlier our plan was to hire a car, which we cancelled when we landed in Barcelona, because we weren’t sure if we will have time for a 2 day drive because we were pretty tired by then and weren’t sure if we can do Girona and our driving capability was also in question ;). So once we landed in Blanes, we took a taxi to take us to Tossa De Mar. It went on and on for a long time, up and down the hill passing through Lloret De Mar and other sea side resorts. We weren’t sure if we were going to a sea side hotel because everytime we spot the sea, we would climb the mountain and then when we land we would miss the sea. It went on like that and finally when the taxi driver landed us through some small streets before the hotel, we weren’t sure if this was indeed a sea side hotel and then I spotted a seagull and was confirmed that it was indeed near the sea. That one bird relaxed me 🙂 We had landed in Plaça Espanya Plaza De Espanya and when we went into the hotel (Hotel Diana) and saw the sea on the other side , we were very happy. They gave us a room in third floor first and the guys said ‘Ladies first’ and gave us the room. The room was very small but guess what.IMG_6390 Yes, we had the balcony that opens to the beach 🙂 and its not that far. I was ecstatic. The guys got a room in the first floor. Quite a big room , almost the double our size but no balcony 😀 Well, when we came down to gather for lunch and discussed the rooms, they demanded that we switch the rooms. But we already occupied it so no chance. They sulked for quite some time. IMG_6397 Since it was a weekday, it was quite empty and calm and it wasn’t even a tourist season yet. So it looked like we had the town for ourselves except for a very few people. Some kids playing in the beach from now and then. Otherwise it was quite calm and quiet. There were a few restaurants (mostly part of the hotel) near the beach. We had a relaxed lunch. After that we freshened up and then A decided to crash for a while. So the three of us went on a little tour near by. Nothing much to see, except the fort and light house up there. And I wanted to be in water (just dipping my leg…) for sometime. So we walked on our way towards the Fort and then decided to climb it also. We had earlier planned it to do it the next day with A but then it was a very small one and it wouldn’t be a bother to do it again.

When we started going up, it started drizzling a bit. It was predicted to be cloudy and slight rain was in the cards anyways. Finally we walked all the way up and I stopped before I went to the Light house. Didn’t want to go up and get slippery again because the rain was gaining strength. So I let the guys go and started going down to wait. By the time they came back , the rain let up. IMG_6437 I saw this small train go up and come down and decided to do it the next day. Just for fun 🙂 After we got down, I went to the water (the guys had worn shoes) and the water was so so so cold. But it was nice to enjoy the chillness to the level that my legs felt numb. After that we sat down for some time and then started checking out the restaurants for dinner. We were relaxing , might as well have good food for the last two days here. Checked out the menu and the prices and decided on two of them. The condition was that they at least serve Veg Paella. After we came back, I saw a souvenir shop and bought some for myself. Once we were done, before we were about to go to the room back, I wanted to spend some time in the beach. So we let C go to the room and B and myself came to the beach and sat in the sand and just relaxed. I love that. I really really sitting in the beach and looking at the water. And not talking or just talking random stuff. We were contemplating about the trip and how it has been so far and stuff like that. We were there for more than an hour or so I think. A and C could see us from the hotel balcony and they called up to say Hi! 🙂 After being there for what seemed like a long time, we walked the long route back to the hotel checking out the shops. We saw a Football club shop for Barcelona and since one of B’s friend wanted a T Shirt with Messi (10) written on it, we checked out the prices and then came back to the hotel.

After relaxing for a while, started for our dinner at night, taking A through the shops. But unfortunately the restaurants that we had decided on were closed. They close the restaurants very early and the other shops were closed by 7 pm (the souvenir shop was closed by 6.30 pm itself) May be because it was a non-tourist season. So we checked out the ones that were opened and went for the one with the seats outside but with enclosed to protect from rain. We could still see the sea and the fort all lit up beautifully. And we veggies had veg paella, as usual. After the dinner, again B and myself decided to go for a walk. It was already 8.30 or 9 and it was drizzling. IMG_6493 The roads were very empty and barren. As if there is no one living there. But the time we went to the other end, rain picked up speed and I had just my jerkin and my camera. So I had to protect it in my jerkin and we started walking back. I really wanted to go and sit in the beach for sometime but the rain wouldn’t let me be. It is almost like meditation to do that at night when it is pitch dark and with just the sound of the waves crashing the shore. We went back and had some fun with singing or sort of doing karaoke in the guy’s room and then crashed for the day. I wanted to a sunrise shot so checked out the sunrise time and set the alarm and went with a book to relax.

The next day got up by 6.30 am for the sunrise, but it was too cloudy, even though I did get some good shot, it wasn’t the exact one I had wanted. Too cloudy for my comfort. And I was worried if there was gonna be rain that day too. But they had predicted that it was gonna be a clear day. And thank god it was. After the breakfast down in the hotel (comes with the room package) we went around to check on how to use the coupons that the hotel gave us. There was one for the boat ride with glass bottom which would take us to the caves. We found one and paid for it. That lady there thought we were Indians residing in Britain. Whatever gave her that idea. Since we had around 30-40 mins to waste, we went and relaxed in the beach. I just lied down and almost fell asleep. IMG_6528 Yeah just like that. After that we went on that boat tour. It was a perfect waste of time and money actually. We could see the fishes and the wind was heavy and the boat rocked pretty hard. They took us to some caves sort of thing but there weren’t any fishes that came. In fact they feed them to make them come to you. IMG_6574 So if you are thinking of going on that, you can give that a skip. Not much to see, even though it is a one hour round trip. There is one more which takes you to different beaches. I don’t know how that is.

After that again we had time left , so came back for some freshening up in the hotel’s lobby where we had a jar of Sangria and put our feet up facing the ocean and reading our respective books it was pure pleasure 🙂 After some time we went back for our lunch. After the lunch where the guys had too much fish, we decided to use the coupon for that small train. That took us upto the light house,IMG_6635 dropped us there for sometime (around 10-15 mins) and then got us up back to the end of the stretch where they dropped us. We roamed a little and then went back to the rooms. After sometime, again myself and B went ahead to walk around and that T Shirt or Jersey for that guy. After packing it up, we went ahead to the other side of the fort. IMG_6653 We went all the way up and walked around the edges (it was scary, but still).IMG_6663

IMG_6668 We went here and there and into the center and ended up in Placa Espanya to the hotel. At night this time we decided to use a restaurant on the other end we had found during our evening walk. After again going through each of them and decided on one of them we had a very relaxed dinner and as usual I had my Sangria first and felt a little buzzed. After that we started to walk back to the hotel. IMG_6677 The fort and the light house looks very good at night. We checked with the reception about our early departure because we cannot be available for the free breakfast, so they offered us to pack up the breakfast for us , so very nice of them. And they also booked us a cab to take us to the airport the next day at 8 am. A had her flight by 12 am and ours was by 4 pm. So we decided to go together and spend the time in Airport.

We went in a little early to pack our bags and a little sad that the leisure time in Tossa De Mar was gonna end. I decided to go for another Sunrise shot the next day too. So kept the alarm for the sunrise time as per the weather report. I got up by 5.30 am for some reason and went in the balcony and waiting for the Sun to rise. And I got the perfect sunrise finally. I was so happy that I could do it before I left that place. As planned, we started on our way back in the taxi to Barcelona Airport by 8 am on the last 16th day. But since the whole of that day was spent in the airport till our flight back at 4 pm to Bangalore, I don’t count it part of the holiday.

After almost 2 weeks of fun and adventure and lots and lots of walking and exploring Spain, I was a little sad to see it end. And I really would have loved some more time in the beach. I just loved it. It seems Tossa De Mar is a famous place among French and during summer it is highly crowded. I might not like it at that time, but the time when we came it was lovely and relaxing. Overall a very successful and pleasant and wonderful trip ending with a perfect location.


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