Spain Tour – Day 12 – Barcelona

Our original plan was to do Park Guell and then to visit Royal Palace and Tibidabo Mountain. But since we hadn’t completed Montjuïc’s castle the previous day, we decided to do that first. So again after breakfast, we went to Para-llel and then chose the Funicular and from there, took the cable car (which is just next to the Funicular station) to the castleIMG_5989 We got the tickets and went inside. It is not a big one, but you can spend an hour or two at ease here. It has a beautiful view of the ocean and the port and has a good restaurant inside. Its a sort of a fortress with two levels where in the upper level is mainly for guarding the place.IMG_6012 The gardens are also there if we want to go around, but we did not because we were just trying to enjoy our time there and do nothing 🙂 IMG_6007 A, B an C were trying to take some panoramic shots of the place and were busy with that for some time. IMG_6017

IMG_6041 The views from this place is simply amazing. After roaming around, taking pictures, watching two sea gulls fighting over a fish (yes, one poor seagull caught a fish and the other one was chasing it for a share.. my god you should see how loudly the one that was chasing was , the other one couldn’t even cry for help what with the fish in his / her mouth and all), we went down to have our lunch (it was already lunch time by then. We did tend to skip time even when we did nothing 😉 ) I was more thirsty than hungry. So we went and I ordered a large / medium ( I don’t remember which one) and A ordered a small Sangria and B and C went to get some snacks for themselves. I finished my Sangria pretty soon and I hadn’t eaten anything (yeah! I wasn’t hungry at all), and even before I could realized, I was slightly drunk, as in I couldn’t get up without feeling dizzy types. I would it strongly buzzed but well, I was. And I told them I cannot move for sometime, and I am not a nice buzzed / drunk. I tend to be very quiet and lie down and close my eyes and sort of semi-sleep it off. So there we were for another 45 mins or so, soaking in the sun, eating the croissant they got me, trying to clear my head and once I felt really comfortable to walk in a straight line, we started back to come to the Funicular. There we decided that we will try out Park Guell So there we went from Montjuïc to the back gate of Park GuellIMG_6076 The entrance to this place from the station was full of ups and downs and I was so not happy about it. But they had escalators in the road (really, they did have and I prayed for the welfare of those who even thought of doing that. God bless those nice souls) There were some small trail sort of thing, which took up to a cross sign. So there again we went up and down for a full view of the city, the La Sagrada Familia etc. We weren’t sure what we were doing there or where we were going. So followed a path that was marked and had proper route (not the rough ones) Finally by the time we went to the main area, we were tired and famished again. IMG_6091 Since it was beyond 5 pm and they did have only snacks in the castle, they ordered something to eat and I wasn’t still hungry so I chose to have some water from getting dehydrated. We could see the bird’s nests kind of place there. But we weren’t sure what else was there to see. So we kept going down after relaxing for a while. It was quite windy there. And when we crossed the museum place, it was very crowded and we weren’t in a mood to stand in a queue. So technically speaking we went around the Park Guell without seeing anything inside it actually. When we came to the entrance IMG_6105 we thought it better to give it a miss rather than stop there for long. So we went all the way back walking up and down and this time no elevators, because it was on the other side and it was a main road. We took the metro to go to the hotel and it was already 6 pm by the time we reached.

We relaxed for a while and then decided to try a Tapas restaurant called Sesamo which was highly recommended. IMG_6142 It was an awesome place. It was quite small but they had a very good variety for vegetarians. It will be better to go with a reservation, but since it was a wednesday, and it was a little late, we didn’t have any problems. It was just awesome. I loved their food, even though it was a little expensive. And you have to tip there. In all other places, tipping is not necessary. But here it is. But the food is excellent and we enjoyed a lot. And thus came the end of another grand day in Barcelona. Even though we didn’t do much that day, we were still very tired.


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