Spain Tour – Day 1 – Madrid

Finally here I am, getting around to write about my tour, almost after a month of return. Thank God for those notes I keep taking during my travel. But this time, I am trying to keep it short and give more details on where and what can be done in the places we have been.

So here we go.

We three friends left for Madrid, Spain from Bangalore on 29th March 2014. Since we were going to land in Madrid in the evening, I was planning well ahead as to how to sleep in the first half and be awake so that when I land there I can go to sleep earlier and all that. And everything got shot when I saw the list of movies in the flight 🙂 and ended up watching 4 – 5 movies between two flights. And we did have the 1 hour break in Dubai. We landed around 8.30 pm and got out to wait for our other friend who was coming from U.S. In the mean time, we went to a shop at the entrance of the airport and got us a Sim card for 10 Euros for a month validity (with cheaper outgoing calls to India) and except for me others got an additional 10 Euro for data too.

We had booked the hotel taxi and that gentleman did wait for us till our other friend arrived and we got the phone connection sorted out for her too. For ease of use, I am going to use their initials in the posts. A – the lady friend from U.S , B & C – the guy friends with whom I have been to other trips in India. We took the taxi at around 9.15 pm or so and reached after 35-45 mins of drive to Hotel Regina Madrid which was very close to two Metro Stations (Sevilla and Puerta de Sol). Checked in and had dinner in the hotel’s restaurant and went to a nice sleep to wake up to a lazy next day for exploring Madrid.


A few things before I end this post.

The immigration was too long because for Non-EU citizens there was only 2 counters (in spite of there being more than 5 and yet at that time only two were operating) and the majority were non EU citizens. So we had to be in that Queue for a very long time.

It was raining when we landed in Madrid 😦 Well, we weren’t exactly in the peak tourist season, because we didn’t want to crowded and we did want to have some cheap deals and enjoy the city. But with a good jerkin and an umbrella it is all fine. Rain does make the city more beautiful 🙂

In the flight, we all took the aisle seats because we would want to stretch our legs occasionally and gives us more freedom to move around without disturbing others. And also we could talk to each other. But there was this incident, when the window seat person in my friend’s row decided to use the rest room exactly the moment when the food was delivered and the other two  (my friend and one more passenger) really had to wait for the person to come back because they were already half way through the food and they didnt want to keep getting up and guess what , the other person was not to be seen for another 10-15 mins 😀

Since I had the easy veg menu, I got food delivered even before others got theirs and as usual, I ended up eating it so fast that it almost got digested by the time others got their food.



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