Wayanad Trip – The after thoughts

Its been more than a week now since I came back from the trip to Wayanad. But I still feel as if I had been there just a couple of days ago. Even though it was strenuous, it was very different for me in many ways.

  • My first ever trek in my life. Finally I got it done :). I wish I had done it much earlier in my life. But again, better late than never. I would be ever thankful to ‘A’ and ‘C’ for helping me out and being so patient during the trekking. In fact, I felt very bad for slowing them down and my thanks will be to that guide too, who was very considerate and helped me all through out the trek. There was a time when I thought I will give up. But that is just not me :). I remembered my miss in Tulum for not being able to climb that pyramid and the effort that I put in my walk in Pisa Tower and the feeling I got after reaching the top. These two incidents made me come to senses and nudged me along.
  • It is my 2nd trip to any near by places with my friends (the first one being Hogenakkal), but this is the first one where it was for more than a day.
  • Wayanad was a place I wanted to visit for such a long time. Can you believe that I haven’t been to Mysore (after being in Bangalore for more than 10 years) and the drive through Mysore on our way back was my first visit to it. But Wayanad was everything I had imagined and much more. I am glad we zero’d in on Wayanad for the three day trip. My another favorite place visited.

Thanks to ‘A’ for the impeccable planning right from researching to the time each place opens and closes , to the routes to be taken. It was so relieving to leave the planning to someone and just enjoy the drive and the place. You did an amazing job man. I really wish now that our plan for next year also goes through fine. I am really looking forward to it :D.

Thanks to ‘C’ , first for taking his car for the drive (he sure wouldn’t have been comfortable in my small car), for carrying my luggage whenever I got tired, for the wonderful songs that I got to hear from his playlist and finally for driving the maximum stretch during the trip. You declined to do the driving during the tour but ended up doing the maximum driving because of various reasons. Next time, if we do a tour like this, I promise, irrespective of whether I am tired or not, I will do the maximum driving :).

While on our way back, we were reminiscing about how Mother Nature was so kind to us during the trip. Because even though it was still a monsoon season in Kerala, and even if it did rain from time to time, it did not act as a damper on our plans. There was Sun when we wanted it, there was wind when we needed it, and then there was rain when we could enjoy it. I suggested doing a dance like Betty White (definitely not like Sandra Bullock) to thank Mother Nature.

What we couldn’t do

  • Watch sunset in Lakkidi View Point, because it was cloudy and it looked like it was going to stay that way for too long.
  • Doing the speed boat in Banasura Sagar Dam because of the crowd and rain
  • Enter Thirunelli Temple, because the time was prescribed wrong to us.
  • Use my DSLR in Banasura Sagar because of the old notice boards and also due to the rain.

Those were not complaints, just list of things that we wanted to do but couldn’t because of various reasons. I would never want to change anything that happened in this trip. I enjoyed it in the way it happened.

What I learnt:

  • Get a good walking/trekking shoe and dump the damn shoe that troubled me so much that it still hurts. Looks like both my feet’s thumb nails are going to come out on their own. They have been blue since the day of my trek till today.
  • Try more driving in the hills , curves and S bends and not get panicky every time I have to turn. The only problem here is that I don’t want to risk any other life, but I am scared to do it alone too. Is this a paradox or what?
  • If I want to travel around, all I have to do is just ask a few friends if they are interested. Everytime I think of asking any of my friend, I feel like I might hamper their plans and I keep quite. OK friends, if you wanna plan another trip, I am ready. Just let me know and we can sit and plan for it 😉

What I would like to do in my next trip:

  • Try HDR photography along with learn how to take those milky waterfall shots.
  • Take an extra pair of dress (I took the least amount of clothes and ended up using the same one I had worn for the trek, the one where I rolled all over the mud when I fell down :). It did not stink or anything, but still, I could have done with one more extra set)
  • Do not take any book during these trips, especially if it is done with friends. I took ‘Inferno‘ and did not read a single page. And take some games to play (We just had cards to play with and that too ‘A’ had got it)

This trip got me a lot more energized, not to work, but to try more such trip 😉 and I wish I am able to realize my dream to travel to new places. Hope you enjoyed travelling with me in this trip. Until next time.


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