Wayanad Trip – Start of the trip

Date: 8-August-2013

When we had the three day weekend coming for Ramzan, we wanted to either do a 10 day trip including the Independence Day holiday that is yet to come or at least do a three day trip to some place close by. After so many discussions we zero’ed in on Wayanad (the other close option was Munnar, which we rejected thankfully because the recent rains caused land slides there). We were four of us earlier when we had planned on the trip, which became three in number on the day of travel. We had already booked for a cottage in Hotel Haritagiri in Kalpetta once we had decided on the venue (and that was the only one available which was convenient for our travel).

I am gonna name the other two persons as A and C  for convenience sake. We started our trip on 8th August 2013, at around 4 pm from our office in C’s car. The proposed route which we chose was via NH 212 (via Kozhikode – Kollegal – Mysore NH212 Highway). The route was pretty much decent and we did not have much traffic via Kanakapura road too, although the stretch in SH 33 was little bad with pot holes. You should always expect traffic in the highways where the towns are situated. We entered the Forest area around 8.15 pm. We took turns in driving and since we had the road to ourselves at times, the speed limit was long forgotten 😉 but we drove safe (which is more important). We stopped on the way in a few places for some pictures (that too because I was very insistent on that). Otherwise it was a smooth drive. We were able to spot deers and a wild Elephant on the side of the road during our drive in the forest. A was driving and well he did not take it well to stop or slow down to have a good look. He is scared of Elephants. But we did get a good look at it and it was eating happily and did not bother us. The deers were very curious about the lights. There were a couple of idiots who were driving by who were honking and using high beams, which are sure to scare those animals.


When we were done with the Forest area, we stopped at the first place we found for food. It was a place (I don’t remember the name now) which had boarding too (dormitories) Since it was the day before Ramzan and it was getting quite crowded, those people had only Chicken Briyani for dinner. So we went ahead in search of another place and found one near the town. It was decent and sure was less costly too. We had our dinner and started our way. We had rains as soon as we entered Wayanad, not the one that pours but that was slightly heavier. We reached our hotel by 10.20 pm and were checked in. You see this hotel has the cottage kind of rooms at the left back. On the way they have this small bridge (I have no idea why) and that was where my first fall happened. I still don’t know how it happened. One minute I was walking over in the drizzling rain with my bags and the next second I was on the ground. Thankfully it was not a bad fall and my camera was intact. I was wondering what else is in store for me in this trip, which started with a fall. I also couldn’t stop laughing. God that was so embarrassing. We decided that we will start the day early for the trek and since the 4th person was absent, I got a room for myself and A & C shared obviously. I prayed that this trip should go well and went off to sleep sooner to prepare for a early start.


Route:  From Bangalore via Kanakapura  to Mysore -> Gundlupet -> Suthan Bathery -> Kalpetta using SH 33 & NH 212

Forest entry closes at 9 PM

August is a rainy season, so go prepared. It will not be too bad (at least when we went it wasn’t) but it still can put some dampers on the plan.


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