My Solo London Journey – Report

When I was discussing with my agent about the London stay and stuff, she was like, “Madam you can take the Tube and go anywhere. Travelling inside London will not be a problem”. I did not share her confidence, because she has been there, seen that. And I had no definite plans and what I intend to do in London. It was decide-when-you-are-there thing. So through my five day London stay, even though not well planned, I still managed to see some important places. The following links has the detailed experiences on the day basis.Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

In general, I loved the journey in the trains all through London. Be it the Underground, Overground, National Rail, Greater Anglia, Greater Western… For such a small place, the kind of extensive connectivity they have from one place to another is amazing. Local train journeys are interesting if you want to just observe other people. It can be bit scary when you are alone in the whole compartment at nights. But yes, I really loved using the trains there. Also the amount of people who come and go is amazing. I don’t know why, I always get asked for directions from people everywhere. Even during the first day of my using the Tube, I was guiding another person too. Glad to be of some help.

The roads are so small in London, no wonder they encourage people to use the trains. Some places have heavy taxes for parking it seems. Even the famous London double decker buses have high connectivity. But they tend to get stuck in traffic naa. Lot of Indian restaurants and Indians. Weather is so unpredictable. But the weather websites predict it correctly. Like till 2 pm it will be cloudy and till 6 pm slight rain etc.. and I have seen it happen there according to the website predictions. The Great British weather sucks in the longer run I guess. You need to get used to it to really accommodate it well.

I did take my own sweet time to go around because I don’t want to rush my travel in London. After the 15 days of the tour in Europe and Scotland, I really wanted to have some leisurely hours for myself too. That is why I did not plan any tight scheduled trips inside the city. And that is the reason I missed
a) The Warner Bros Studio Tour of Harry Potter
b) Visiting Oxford or the British Library
c) The Tower Bridge and the London Tower visits
d) St Paul Cathedral visit (I have already done my famous Cathedral visit in Vatican..and this one in London is the 2nd largest..but still..)
e) My visit to Wales , even though I was told that it is just beaches there
f) Live music show , I really wanted to see the music scenario in London and attend a live performance there, but there was none available during my stay.
g) Going up to the 70th floor in The Shard (this would have been a real test for me)

Well, there is always another time. In London, you don’t have to worry about language, food or commutation. And you can be as anonymous as you want to be. I am glad I included U.K in my trip and got to see these places.


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