Scotland Tour – Report

When I got my U.K visa one week before the travel, I had to book the Scotland Tour through Star Tours because I wanted to cover Scotland and Wales if not both atleast one of them. And my love for the Scottish accent made my decision easier for me ;)Once I had arrived in London on 24th, I had two days to myself and thankfully for my friend and her family who live in Sutton, with whom I stayed on 26th, I got a drop off in Wembley for the tour. As soon as I saw that it was an all Indian tour, honestly, I was a bit disappointed, as I have mentioned in my first day post of Scotland Tour. Because I wanted to see and experience different cultures. But then this was my decision which was solely based on the budget , so I had to go through with it. Each day’s experiences are listed below.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

It is not fair on my part to compare the European Tour and this one, but in all fairness, people are the same even though the cultures are different and even though the culture of the people in this group is very familiar, I felt hurt a couple of times. That is about the people who were there as part of the group, which no one has a choice. But the tour as such was a little disappointing. I so not wanted the Indian Dinners. I am used to it, I would rather try local cuisines, even if my choice is limited. I wanted to see some folk lore based programs, even if it was additional cost. Its just not the places. Its the people and the interesting facts that make the place special. Each place has its own story. Till Glasgow all they did was to sing (even though I got to sing.. I could have done without it) and the same in the last day. There was no interaction with the local crowd in any format. Seems like they have a European tour with their own Pantry making Indian food attached to the coach bus. I would never choose that. I accept that lot of elders who would prefer only Indian or even special Indian like Jain food might find it very accommodating. But my preferences do not match this tour specs. Since I did not have much time to investigate and analyze and the choice was more on budget, I think I am the only person to blame.

Scotland involves lot of driving time by coach buses. 3-4 hours was OK  but the first and last day, it sort of took the whole day. Not anyone’s fault but that is little tiring.

But the places were amazing. I wish I could go there separately and roam around at leisure some time. Unless you like castles, country sides, ever changing weathers, this might bore you a little. But those are the things which warm me I was so enchanted by the places. I wish I had been to a pub there with some friends 🙂 just to watch the people around, gone in the train which Harry potter took, just to go through those places and have a sense of deja vu. I wish I had more time to sit in the rocks over looking those moors and watch the clouds pass by (no wonder Wordsworth was inspired by them). I could have done without a hurt or two that happened during the trip. Its not all bad, but still that incidents overshadowed the rest for me. I am used to people taking me for granted because I am alone, but to make it so blatant was something that didn’t do for me. They might have thought that I am egoistical because I am on my own, which I am fine with, but then they shouldn’t have bothered me at all in any sense. Also their mannerisms during the dinner (without even considering if rest of them had their first meal or not or cutting in between to take what they want rather than waiting in the line… ) all those things sort of pissed me off. A little consideration for the fellow humans in these kind of tours go a long way in creating a good rapport and a pleasant environment, even if not acquaintance or friendship.

Would I like to Scotland again: Yes
Would I choose an all Indian tour even though it is cost effective : No (not because of what happened, but my preference to mingle with different people of different countries)
I need to select tours which can bring the essence of the place during the visits.

I did a good job or rather my agent helped me do that in case of European trip.


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