Scotland Tour – Day 4


Lake District

The final leg of the journey which started at 8 am through the Edinburgh city towards the Lake District. We had a long journey ahead of us, but we had a stop at Grasmere first at around noon. We pass through various lochs or Lakes and Ben’s or Mountains and beautiful sight. The weather was good and sunny compared to all the other days. I slept a little on the drive because there wasn’t anyone explaining us anything about the country or telling us tales. They had started on the antakshari session to keep themselves involved, which I didn’t feel like getting involved at all. I was either reading a book in my laptop or sleeping or enjoying the scenery. One couple who were sitting before me, were the only ones who talked me once in a while during the journey.

When we reached Grasmere, the home of William Wordsworth, I don’t know why I was very hungry. After visiting the Daffodils garden and the graves of William Wordsworth (I don’t like visiting graves, at least of people whom I don’t know personally, but well since I was there, took some pics) I was on my way to visiting the nearby places and shops. Bought myself a home made walnut cake and a cappuccino. The lady in the coffee shop was telling how the weather is much better that day and that we were lucky to see sun today. Wow these people wait for the sun and here in India we wish for it to reduce its intensity :). After my share of the coffee I was OK to go ahead with the day.

The next stop was Windermere for a cruise in the Bowness Bay along with the lunch stop. Since we had an hour for our lunch before the cruise, I first went around the central place which was up and down (taking more effort to walk around) for my photo shoot 😉 and almost 20 mins before the cruise went for my lunch, only to be joined by the tour manager, who was chatting up with me because I was anyways alone. He was wondering why I was so closed not mingling with people and enjoying myself. I assured him that I was enjoying myself very much just not in the way the others expect. He was asking if I will be interested to come to Holland with him on another tour. I thanked him but since I was returning back I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Then we ahead with the cruise, which was for an hour and a half on the inter glacial lake. It started sunny but soon the wind picked up and it started getting colder and colder, with dark clouds looming in the sky. Got some good shots there. The captain of the cruise was explaining the various locations and their relevance. I think I had enough of cruises by now 🙂 but did welcome the beautiful sights and the cool wind blowing. Another traveler who was from U.S along with her brother and sister in law from India started talking to me and was asking about my trip to Europe and such details. After the cruise, it was time again to start back to London, with two stop in between to drop off people.

We started around 3 pm and finally ended our journey at 8.30 pm in Wembley. It was a tiring journey back since we had to sit for almost 5 hrs non stop (except for one small break in between for the snacks). I took a shared ride with a group of 3 who were going towards Illford (to my hotel) and reached hotel by 10 pm. By the time I checked in (thankfully I had already informed that I will be doing a late checkin) the only energy I had was to lie down and go to a deep sleep.

I had completed my tour of Scotland successfully, even though it can never be compared to the Europe trip. 


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