European Tour – Report

The idea to travel some countries in Europe started last year when some of us were discussion about travel during our coffee breaks and then 3-4 of us eventually decided that we should be doing it this year i.e. 2013. But when the project started to roll out and work started to take up crazy hours, I, for one, decided that I will definitely make a trip, come what may. I had already told my manager that I would need 3-4 weeks of leave in April end or May (I decided since I am making it, I rather spend my birthday in some foreign location, even if I have to alone :D) and he reluctantly agreed (thinking that I would give up one week and that he could convince me to take only 2 weeks… He didn’t know how persistent I can be…) 

Then by October or so we decided on the countries and places and stuff like that and then got caught up in work. Then in Dec, I started pestering others that if we want to go then we should make a move and start planning. But since we were working non stop without any holidays and even weekends, it was not quite possible because each of us enough work to do, but since by Jan the product was to be released, I wanted to start with planning at least so that we can have the documents ready for the visa and stuff. But release got postponed and such things happened. But by Feb we were through, even though work was still crazy, we started to plan and decided on the places and were ready to apply for the visa. 

The count of 4 reduced to 2 (me and my friend) but then that also reduced to 1 because he had to take care of some personal stuff and he couldn’t make it this year. Now since things went haywire I did the only thing I do. Go ahead. I changed the places and instead of the backpacking trip we had planned went for the group tour with all the famous places and my favorite places and included U.K in the game too 🙂 and finalized on things with my travel agent (with whom I had already dealt with for my Singapore and Malaysia trip). March went away in the visa’s and stuff and April I had to apply for U.K visa. I was shuttling between Hyderabad and Bangalore but by April I was in Bangalore for the Visa and for the trip. 

Till the day before the trip, I did not get any jittery feelings or anything, because I am undertaking this one alone and after a long time , that too abroad. My parents weren’t very happy about it because some one told them that it isn’t safe to be in Europe to be alone. I know that they are looking out for me, but I was tired of not trying and since I have already booked the group tours, I don’t want to take any pressure from anyone. And for some weird reason, I was getting this feeling that this is something I won’t regret and  I definitely need to do it now or it will be never. I have let go so many things not listening to my instincts but this time I was so ready to listen to it. I tried to convince them and then promised them that I will message every day about the place. 

Now that I am back I am glad I listened to myself for once and did what I really wanted to do inspite of everyone else’s concerns or worries. Looks like I am tough enough (like I need that reminder, but somehow my family needs that I guess :)) to handle things on my own. I am really glad that I got to do this trip and experience and see everything out there. 

I have my brief report on the tour here.
The individual posts are available in this blog.

I am yet to chronicle my London and Scotland tour but that might take a while, because with this European tour I wrote it down everyday once I get back to hotel. But I could’t do that with other trips because I was short of energy and time. 

Even though I had a little tough time with my vegetarian food demand (being the lone vegetarian in the whole group of 32-36) I did survive didn’t I? I now know that food is secondary during my trips and I or rather my body can handle with minimum food even with the salads and breads and lots of cappuccino’s. That doesn’t mean that I have lost weight or anything like that. I might have lost an inch max but that is all :). I seriously don’t know how I can go low on food and have enough stamina and not lose any weight. Jeez I am tired of finding tricks to lose my weight without any exercises 😉 . 

I completed my visit to the 2nd new wonder of the world, The Colosseum of Rome, visit to my favorite dream place Venice, watching Eiffel Tower at night (on a full moon day is a additional treat) and discovering a new dream place in Austria.

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. – Jesse Owens 

 I am glad I continued with the original plan and went ahead with the journey. I thank God that I had that much determination in me to achieve this and I hope I keep achieving the rest of my dreams one by one. 

2 thoughts on “European Tour – Report

  1. Great Job .Finally fulfilled your dream of travelling Europe.Commendable job on going through UK alone. Can see from the pics that you had a wonderful time.And I know that Austria is the most beautiful in Europe,read it many times.Sometime back the chinese were so impressed with Austria that they recreated an austrian village in the chinese mountains.

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