European Tour – Day 11

24th April

Paris – London through Dover

We started at around 8 am from Paris to Calais where we were supposed to board a ferry to Dover. It was a long drive and we were mostly asleep and we did a break in between once. We arrived in Calais by 12 pm (after all that traffic in Paris). Our ferry (which had a 9 levels) was cool and it was supposed to start by 1.25 pm. There is a UK border agency and we had to get the passport stamped there. Some of them were asked so many questions.  The ferry was late by more than half an hour and we arrive in Dover (famous for the cliffs with white mist) at around 2 pm London time. I did not even feel that I came in a ferry, it was so smooth. The weather was good. And I went to the top deck to see the view. Well, its just water everywhere.  The entry to Dover was very high profile with a big fort like thing and all. The ferry had the cafeteria, food courts and nice lounges etc…From Dover, we had a bus which was supposed to take us to the tour hotel and my tour is supposed to end there. The trip from Dover to London central was around 3 hrs almost again because of the traffic. Boy! I thought Paris was bad. London was super bad. We finally arrived at around 5.30 pm and then from there I had to come to my hotel at around 6.30 pm. And guess what I did, I just went to bed. I almost slept for 12 hours J

Saying goodbye was a different experience, especially to my 60 yr old friend, she was in tears every time some one said bye to her. She was sort of taking me in her fold and I sought her out too. It was a mutual thing and she mentioned that she will include me in her emails and her photo links.  Meeting so many people from different backgrounds and getting along was a different experience. But as of today my European tour has ended. I am not sure if I will do this again, but I am glad that I did this.

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