European Tour – Day 7

20th April

Started at 9.30 am from Innsbruck to Lucerne via Liechtenstein  which is a small country or commonly known there as Principality by itself. It gets costlier as and when we go from here. Money is Swiss Francs but they accept Euro’s too. We have a border check point but only for vehicles. No photos allowed near the border.

Drive was totally different, more snow and white colored peaks. Stopped for a break before reaching Liechtenstein. Cannot imagine how cold it was. Puffing out cold air.

Liechtenstein – we had a stop for lunch for an hour and half, in the central place. The place was dripping with snow. Very costly. Being Saturday, most of the place was deserted, except for one part where we were dropped. Pictures will tell more about this place than the words. Anyone will fall in love with this place. So quite, so clean, so beautiful and fresh air.

After the lunch at around 1 pm we started to Lucerne. Again the scenery doesn’t change much. Much like Liechtenstein only, but by 3 pm we were dropped in Lucerne central place again. Guess what, I saw Kanchi Indian Restaurant in the market square. Went to see the Lion Monument. Amazing how the sculptor got the pain in the face of lion. In memory of the Swiss soldiers who laid their lives. The Swiss have been considered the most loyal of all the soldiers who had fought to protect their King in the earlier times, this monument is dedicated to them and in turn it also explains why the Vatican still insists on Swiss Guards only for their protection. In order to be a part of the Vatican security team, or the Swiss Guard team, it is mandatory to be a Swiss by birth and after serving in Vatican for 2 years they can come back with great honor and serve their country too. 

Hotel was exactly near the square and very near to the Lucerne Lake and the historical bridge also known as the Chapel Bridge which is really very old and has painting on the roof, which had to be restored. After freshening up, went for a walk around the lake , the bridge, the alleys, had coffee and bhel puri in Kanchi. Walked around clicking snaps for almost 2 hrs and then came back by 6 pm to relax as we had dinner with Swiss folk lore in a restaurant at 7.15 pm.

Regrouped by 7.15 and left for the restaurant in the central square place near to the hotel by walk. An Old house was converted to restaurant, still owned by a family. Food was good (We had cheese Fondue) and they started playing Swiss songs with Swiss instruments (they play music with broomsticks, some sort of paddle thing and what not..), and it was made more lively with the group participating blowing long horns, yodeling etc… it was so much fun and it lasted till 10 pm after which we started back to our hotel. Tomorrow we have the lake cruise and the Mount Titlis.

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