European Tour – Day 6

19th April

We started our journey to Austria at 9.15 am via Cortina travelling through the mountain ranges and beautiful sceneries
Stopped in Cortina for an hour break. This is one of the beautiful travel routes. You see a mix of greenery and snow covered moutains and it was getting colder and colder. 
Cortina is the place where they had the winter olympics and is famous for Ski. So you can imagine how high it will be. It was very beautiful and calm and we had stopped in the central place for a lunch break. They had a market over there with fresh fruits and vegetables. The strawberries were very very fresh and very tasty. There was hardly any traffic at all. It is in the Veneto region which is surrounded by the Dolomites. They will be having some Ski competitions in 2013 as per a poster there. Its sort of in between Italy and Austria and so they speak both languages. But its mostly part of Austria.

After the break we started on our way to Innsbruck which means the bridge on the river Inn. You can see that river flowing there and there are so many tunnels and bridges on the way to this place. We came to the central square of Innsbruck by around 4.30 pm. It was drizzling slightly. It is such a beautiful place. After some time it started raining. We were taken to the Swaroski showroom which is originally from Austria (the crystals were discovered from the Dolomite region first). Got a magnet along with a small gift for myself in the showroom. They have a temple with a Golden Roof for their emperor which is the significant location in Innsbruck. I roamed around the central square. Its a beautiful little town. They had tram, pedestrian walkways, alleys with shops. There was also some cycling show going on after some time with some loud music and all :). It was fun to watch. The whole central square is pedestrian only. How cool is that. They had Spar supermarket here. I know that in India it is now being replaced with something else. It was fun going around that place even in the rain. I liked this place. May be I should come back here some time late.

Reached hotel by 7 pm. Ramada International is the best hotel so far and it was so so good. 

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