3 day Hyderabad local trip – Day 4

Day 4: Sunday 03-Mar-2013
Places visited: Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace

Today was the concluding day of my sis’s visit to Hyderabad and we had planned for Charminar and Chowmahalla Palace. Since we had not a good experience with auto (first, some drivers are grumpy and 2nd, there just isn’t enough space and it was not comfortable, 3rd, it was costly) my BIL checked out a taxi and got us booked one for 4 hrs (400 Rs) along with a ride to the station (for their evening train to Chennai at 4.30 pm in Kacheguda). We had the luxurious buffet in the hotel. It was very nice. They had american, indian (both north and south) and what not. We had our full, took some more that-i-dont-wish-to-name-tiffin for my nephew and checked out of the hotel with all luggages in tow by 10 am. It was quite an empty road on Sunday, less crowded but the old city is too narrow and too crumpled. It took us almost 45 mins to near Charminar. Since parking is not allowed anymore near by, you have to park somewhere else and walk. Since we did not have any idea of climbing it (there was a BIG queue for it already) we took some photos and went ahead checking out the Mecca Masjid and then to our destination Chowmahalla palace.

You don’t get to see how big it is from outside, even though there was gate that was closed up. But inside when we entered it was huge. Check out the pics in the link given below. Thankfully, camera’s were allowed and they had a canteen almost at the entrance. We had our coffee’s and got a packet of lays just in case and started the tour. It is always a pleasure seeing palaces and the grandeur with which people lived in those times. It took us almost 3 hours to go around it. There is the durbar building with the photo gallery, crockery gallery, dresses gallery, armory gallery, the actual durbar where the nizam’s used to sit and address. You should see those. The history of Hyderabad was written in one of those.

Then we went for the other buildings at the back which had the ladies dresses displayed and a few more galleries out there along with the vintage car section or whatever was left of it because most of it had gone for a show in london. There was this Rolls Royce which was too damn cute and such a BIG one too. But as usual my nephew threw a fit because he didn’t want to be inside and he wanted to play in the grass outside.So my sister made her rounds quick enough and went and gave company to her son. It was almost 2 pm when we were done and when they went for some souvenirs, myself and my nephew indulged ourselves in whatever was available in the canteen to quench our thirst (it was really get hotter day by day) and our hunger too. By the time they joined us we were good to go.

We reached the station at around 3 pm and had an hour and half for the train. So had our lunch in the railway canteen and went to the third platform for the Chennai-Egmore train. My nephew took his mother for a long walk and at around 4.15 pm they announced that the train will arrive on platform 2 instead of three.. thankfully we just had to change the direction rather than shifting between platforms. And once the train arrived, got them all settled in. My nephew sensed that I wont be coming with him and I tried to tell him good bye. But since he was the one travelling he was ok with it, even though he looked pissed and said ‘see you bye bye’ rather grumpily I was glad that I got that much from him. Honestly I was rather sad to see him go, because these 4 days he was by my side most of the time. My sis was pissed a time or two when he chose me over her 🙂 and he did charm people in my guest house too with his antics and cute smile. A typical boy. When their train moved away and I was waiting for my MMTS to come (because I had just missed one) at around 5.30 I started on my book which I had pre ordered and got it delivered on Saturday. And there was an incident or a small altercation that happened that ticked me off in the morning which made me a little irritated now since there was no one else to sidetrack me. But once I started on the book, everything got lost again until my train came and I ended up in my guest house by 7.30 pm.

Pictures: Chowmahalla Palace

I am not sure how long I am going to be here in Hyderabad, since there is no deadline and I am going to be on a month long holiday next month. But I am glad that my sis could make it. It was definitely not a good time to visit. It would have been pleasant in the early weeks of Feb, but all of them had their own plans. Also with kid of 2 years when he is very high on playing it is little difficult to go to places where we went because he doesn’t appreciate it much. I know my first niece will adore it, since she is the talkative one as of now and is very quick in grasping things. But my nephew would need a year or two to even tolerate it. But then the parents wouldn’t be able to go anywhere then. So its sort of a balance. If the NTR gardens were open, it would have made his day too. But what can we do.

So moral of the whole trip. Do not plan for Hyderabad after the 2nd week of Feb. It should be anytime between Nov and early Feb. And hope that no bomb blasts are there as your buzz killers.

Thanks Sis and BIL for making this time to visit me and I am really glad that you did it.

And why are these posts called 3 day Hyderabad trip but there are four day entries…well, ultimately, it was just three days for the actual trip either because the first and last day were just half day’s we used or we can totally discounting the bad 3rd day and considered the rest of the days as part of the trip 😉 you can take it either way. I am taking it the first way (does this remind you of Life of Pi 🙂 )


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