3 day Hyderabad local trip – Day 1

When my sister’s family scheduled a three day trip to Hyderabad, my first reaction was “Hell, yes!!!”. Why?
a) I could be with my nephew
b) I could see this place along with them, otherwise I don’t seem to move anywhere from my room
c) I could take try out some new tricks and settings with my camera which I learnt in that session I attended.

Day 1: Thursday 28-Feb-2013
Place visited: Shilparamam arts and crafts village
Since they had arrived in the afternoon, we decided to do some place nearby Kondapur so that they can also rest well after their journey. Shilparamam is a place where you can do as much window shopping as possible and don’t get tired at all. Atleast for me. Since we reached around 6 pm there and it was getting dark, we still couldn’t see the rock gallery. But did the boating which was fun because it was a mechanical one. And did lots of window shopping and bought only on a few things. My nephew got his share of fun in the game area for kids. It was almost 8.30 by the time we returned to our rooms.
Two interesting incidents that happened there were
a) My nephew chose a kurta for my sis. He literally went into the shop which my sis was checking out to buy some kurtha’s for herself, selected one for her and said ‘ammi…indha’ and left off. You should see my sis.. She almost had tears that her son chose something for her, when he doesn’t even know what it means. Myself and my BIL were rooted with no words :).
b) After the above incident, I took his hand and asked him to start running towards the exit. And he did the opposite. Instead of following me, he started pulling me somewhere else. I kept telling him that the exit was the other side, but he was not ready to listen. And guess where he led me to. A dosa shop :D. Guess he was hungry. Took us there.. found us chairs and made me sit with him. His parents were running behind us to find out where he was dragging me. Poor boy just because he is not able to pronounce full sentences, he uses action, which is so cute. And he did have his share of dosa till he is half full and then started to play again. It was almost 9.30 by the time we left the place for our dinner. But it was time well spent.
Pictures: Shilparamam



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