Travel well planned — or was it ?

This years trip has been memorable in so many ways… Good ones are the one where I have made visits to unimaginable places , seen unforeseen events and have been thrilled immensely (and you know all about that from my previous posts already) Now skip to the bad ones, well I should not say they are bad.. but they are either stupid or I was over confident or at times ripple effect of other events or a combination of all

a. My pre ponement of return trip.
My biggest mistake of life has already taken away quite a few years from me (I ain’t complaining because I have got quite a lot in return in different ways) the effect of it was, that I had to return early to Bangalore with the hope that it will start the end of an unfinished process. I wasnt sad about coming back early , but coming back for this reason was very irritating. It inturn resulted in more hatred than anything. Thats ok.. my mistake so my responsibility to get this over with. Now the only issue was that I had to return before a particular date and to get tickets by that date was a herculean task. I was on the call with the travel guy for almost 1 hr and finally got it preponed on the same airlines. But the more the dates were nearing , the more happier I was this time, because of the kids. Thinking about them made me feel very warm and happy 🙂
I got my suitcases packed to the exact Kg that was allowed (most of them were for the kids this time) and was all set. I even saw Cars 2 over the weekend and completed my remaining purchases of the chocolates the previous day and all was well. I can rarely sleep before my travel (anywhere) because I always wonder if I packed everything or not. Next day woke up early, checked out on time and got to the airport. The flight was scheduled for 1.20

b. Return journey
I saw that the airlines queue for check in was empty so went ahead. The guy checked my passport and asked for my itinerary (I was puzzled…coz generally when they get the passport they wont bother getting the itinerary) and then he said “Ma’am, this flight was for 1.20 AM and the current flight is for 1.40 PM. You have missed your flight”. WHAT!!! I was like, I dont know.. I was puzzled. I wanted to shout loudly but there was no voice. How can I ? Am I dreaming ? I was like “Sorry.. I didnt get you” .. .then he started explaining the AM/PM thing…Holy Christ..!!!! Whats happening to me…. I wasnt sure what to do. I had 2$ cash and phone balance of 4$. I cannot even call anyone for long time. Then I came back to my senses and asked him “Do you have tickets in the current flight to the same destination?” He said he has, but that was only till Singapore, and after Singapore there wasnt any ticket available in any of its allied partners airlines to Blr or Coimbatore for another 2 days.. Murugaaaaa… enna nadakudhu.. Immediately I called my manager in U.S and told him that I missed the flight because of a silly AM/PM thing.. Is this excusable ? How can I even miss something so trivial… I was so confident that my flight was for afternoon, coz while rescheduling it I was looking @ that flight and the travel agent booked in the only available flight for me. This was so ridiculous. And the first thing my manager asked was “So you can now watch Harry Potter here and then go is it ?” I was like “What is happening to everyone around me including me” I have to be in Blr by this date and I have missed my flight and even if I go to Singapore I dont have the connecting flight. I dont have a Singapore Visa to stay there .. what was I going to do. He then said that he will call the Travel guys and check.. And later he conferenced me in. Thankfully for a amount of 100$ these people will give me the current flight to Singapore using the old ticket. But I would have to take care of Singapore to Blr/Cjb. Now after checking and rechecking and everything, finally the travel people asked me to go ahead with the current flight and then booked another airlines from Singapore to Cjb (I chose CJB instead of BLR coz I have the weekend and I can be with the kids) But the problem was I didnt have the connecting flight details by the time I got checked in so the luggage was tagged only till Singapore. Whatever.. I will manage somehow later.. Paavam my manager was on the call and he was of the greatest help one can be. After that I was checking my mails to see if I could get the details of the next ticket and seems like my email id was given wrongly. Again I had emailed my manager and he got the details and forwarded me the flight details. And I boarded the flight to Singapore via Seoul. I got things settled down much sooner than I thought and also sent an email to my dad and brother (they were about to come to blr to pick me up) about the miss and asked them to stay put until further notice. Informed my friend to call them up and tell them what happened just in case they were worried. Landed in Singapore after the brief stop over in Seoul where I got to talk to them online and gave them the necessary updates. When I landed in Singapore, they asked me to get the luggages after crossing the immigration and here came the trouble. I had no document of my travel to India ( need to get a printout first ) and no Singapore Visa. So should I really land in trouble after all this!!! Actually the guy ,  I asked , in the immigration counter gave a hint. He said, if in case you are not able to cross immigrations its ok. Dont bother come back and we can put your luggage in lost & found and you can ask the other airline to get it from us. They do that. Ok cool. So why would I bother and trouble the immigration in Singapore now. I just kept quite and went to find a room and to my bad luck none was available. So managed to get the ticket printout from the lounge. And sat here, sat there, tried closing my eyes , but in vain. Then came to get my boarding pass @ 4.30 am. But seems like they will open only @ 7 for the 9 am flight.. Oh my God.. I have to wait again. Well after all that wait finally boarded the flight (after a long discussion with the airlines for my baggage, and hoping it will reach me) and landed in Chennai @ 11 am IST and after a short wait again in Chennai landed in Cbe @ 3.30 pm.

Well after all this last minute changes and confusions, with the help of my friends, I landed up on time in Coimbatore, with my niece waiting for me. I was so happy that tiredness out of 24 hrs of non sleep travel was gone in a sec. And when I reached home, my nephew was there and gladly he smiled at me (rather than his usual frown on seeing new people other than his mom) and I realized how much I missed them.

Whenever I plan things well ahead it always gets into a mess, may be I am holding the sand too tight in my palm. But this was , what to say, too much even for me. I never thought in my life that I would miss an international flight due to the time confusion. What an idiot.. But well now that I have seen this too, I know how to work around this kind of problem too. Life is all about learning your lessons 😀

Lesson 1: Check your time correctly for any travel. If in doubt, consult your friends
Lesson 2: Remember there is always a way if you stay calm. Panic, but only for a few mins, after that start thinking on how to handle the situation. Do not give in to your emotions.
Lesson 3: Always make new mistakes 😀 so that you can learn more lessons


One thought on “Travel well planned — or was it ?

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    Now that I am going on a vacation starting Saturday (IST) and am now in the mode of packing and repacking stuff, I suddenly remembered my drama of missing my flight from San Francisco once in 2011 because I confused the AM / PM thingy of the flight timings 🙂 and this is the post that recorded those events and my panic. From then on, every time I travel I make sure I read, re-read and for safety check the time of my flight with my friends and family twice, so that I don’t repeat such a stupid mistake ever again. But ‘without problems we lack the opportunity to grow’ yeah ? 😉

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