Walk in the Woods & Lighthouse Point

Continuing with my short trips…

On Sunday, we had to drop our friend to the airport (It was sort of important for me to prove that I could drive well…and also to see if I can do the trip to the airport myself and how difficult it is..) and after that we just went to Milpitas Mall for some shopping. Avlodhaan.. time mudinjiruchu.. Its such a huge one and I got only two dresses for the kids….

The next day we decided to go to Muir Woods and Point Reyes, so we came back and sorted out the plan (now we were only 3 of us) and it was like Belmont->Muir Woods around 8.30 am -> tour in Muir woods -> Point Reyes Light house after 12 or so -> Return back to hotel by 6 pm

All was set and we took our friend’s car this time. I drove the stretch to Muir Woods. It was a nice weather (slightly cool breeze..and thankfully I had both of my jackets with me). To our amazement, Muir Woods hadnt opened by 8.30 or so.. Konjam over enthu la seekirame vandhutoam. There were only 2 cars before us so we decided to take a detour to the Muir Beach in the mean time and come back in 0.5 hrs.

Beach e ivlodhaan.. Rombha kutty beach and since we were there early it was all quite and calm and serene. Rombha nalla irundhadhu… As usual I went to play with the water , it was so so cold. The other girl started shivering and she had no jacket for herself. She took one of mine and still she was shivering.. There were the dogs (mostly retrievers) playing with hardly 3-4 people out there. It was very very nice. I love Beaches. Can I settle down in a place which has beaches ? I would love to go to the beach every evening, sit there, hear the splash of the waves on the shore, the way the waves come to touch your feet even though you try to get away from it, watch the sun go down, oh!!!! I would really love it.

We were there for some time, and then headed back through the other route (it is a sort of a circle you make when you go there.. ) to the Muir woods and what do we see here. We see that the parking lots are already full and we had to go slightly ahead in the route to find a parking lot. Whatever !!!! Earlier we had thought of taking a guided tour. We were there by 9.30 or so. And the guided tour was only @ 11. So, had our coffee and breakfast (honey dipped corn bread – dont try it.. unless you like the taste of honey with salt) and then took the map , asked for the trails and headed ourselves. If it was a little less crowded, it would have been a walk in the woods , literally, konjam creepy effect kooda irundhirukum. Coz you hardly get sunlight down there. Such big trees, size and height both ways.

See the size of them. There are a lot of photos, but one two here for you :). It was a good walk, slowly reading about the trees and their varieties. We went till the 4th bridge after which it was blocked because of slide and so we had to come back and take the same route on the other side of the stream.

We started around 10 am (approx) and then came back by 12 am, headed to the cafe , had some more coffee and started on our way to Point Reyes Light house.

Before moving on the Point Reyes trip, the road to Muir woods was very nice to drive. It had the usual curves and turns but not that steep as in Yosemite. It is a very good drive and Muir Beach is good too. So if you want a good walk in the woods and a nice walk by the beach in the same place , go to Muir woods without fail. 

Next we started to Point Reyes Light house which was further 1.5 hrs of travel from there. Little did we know that being a Sunday, the Stinson Beach on the way would be overcrowded and that it will lead to a huge traffic delay in the moutains. There was a very good view of the Stinson Beach on the way

 Idhukapparam, 7 malai thaandi poara maadhiri oru route. Basically you will go up the hill-down the hill-up the hill-down the hill indha maadhiri for almost 1 hr or so , if I am not wrong. But andha up and down la traffic, so inch inchaa move pannitu irundhoam. Eppadi irukum. Paavam, my friend would have literally felt very irritated. Why so much crowd ? because of the Stinson beach. Got it was a good weather. Slight breeze, Sun shining high, so people wanted to get Tan. After we crossed the Stinson beach it was all rosy :), but we could see where we were headed, coz we were going in lonely roads again up and down the hill and we were becoming hungry too. When we saw that we had only 10 mins near to the light house and there was a fork , left led us to Drake beach and right to Light house. We took the Drake beach route to have some food. Little did we know that this was another beautiful secluded beach. The problem was most of the route was filled with fog. Going uphill with fog and coming down to a beach. You should have seen the landscape. It was AMAZING. Pure delight to watch.

 This is Drakes beach.

There was a small restaurant there and we had our sandwiches and played in the beach for some time. It was very grainy white sand and there was so much of fog and mist that it was freezing. After that it was my turn to drive and we kept going on and on. Engeyume Light house kannula padara madhiriye theriyala. After some place, I couldnt see what is there on the road (if I have to go down the hill or straight.. ) not a soul seen. We kept driving for almost 15-20 mins I think (as usual my speed decreased) and then we saw the parking lot with no view of any light house or any beach of any sort near by..except fog and mist and no roads ahead. Thankfully, there was a good amount of human beings there. That felt nice. When we got down we realized how damn cold it was out there. There were supposed to be some view points which were blocked by fog.
Kept going on and on and then we see the path winding down and there came the light house 🙂 It was written clearly that going down the path to the light house is not the hard task but climbing back is. It is equivalent to climbing 30 storeys. We decided to go. Adhukudhaane vandhadhu.. idhukellam bayandhaa aagumaa..

This is how it looked like on the sides when the fogs started clearing when we were descending. There was a small path which leads you to the light house. It was scary, but I kept my focus on the light house and not on the deep sea underneath 😀 (focus on the target …) It was such a amazing view. Really.. it was. 
After enjoying the light house, the big one was not in use actually, they have a smaller one near by which was currently used and it was giving these fog horns (kaadhu yearkanave kekaadhu… idhula andha fog horn vera.. gwaiiiiinnnu.. oru saththam).. Naanum light house paathutean.. 😀 super paa.. rombha nalla irundhadhu. It is necessary because of the kind of rocks that are there in that place, which is really very dangerous for the ships/boats. Ellam mudinju mela paathaa..

This is how it looked like. Now comes the task of going up. It really was very strenous. My breathing problem got increased. I had to use my inhaler to control it. And then after enjoying the beauty of the sea and the light house, we headed back to the hotel by around 4.30 pm. By that time, the fog was clearing and we could see the view points near the parking lot.

Point Reyes Light house is a  must watch if you like driving and a beautiful view of the sea and the light house. Worth all the effort we had put. On the way back, we stopped near Stinson beach for a coffee break and again got into the traffic which was heading back home. We also hit a car while taking our car from the parking lot from the road (luckily no big damage because of the huge traffic, it was a slight touch and the lady brushed it off as nothing..little did we expect the dent on my friends car :D)

All in all, it was a good trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dont miss these places when you are here. We ended up reaching home by around 8 pm I think.


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