Black Chasm Caves

Reached US and after two days of work it was a long weekend. I was in no mood for a longer trip and wanted to do some short trips to nearby uncovered places 😉

So on Saturday we (5 of us) decided to go to Black Chasm caves (finally after a long discussion on where to go)  as no one had been there till then. It was quite a long drive than what he had expected. But we also started very late I should say. Reached Volcano (its the name of the place) at around 2 or so. It was like a very small town. And the address we had was a little misguiding (or should I blame it on the GPS !!!) and we ended up in the road which had a car show going on.. All were walking on the roads watching the cars displayed (most of them vintage) and we were driving on the road.. I was sure that we will be scolded by some old fella, but lucky we go through that .. they looked @ us as if we were from another planet..and went past by… and then after this small hitch we finally found out the place. It does look like a place which has caves in it. The Gift shop sells the tickets too. We got our tickets and were waiting for our 3.20 pm tour.

Outside they have a gem mining activity for the kids going on. Just for fun. We relaxed for a while and then got on to our tour (50 min Walk tour). You can read more about the caves here

The cave was small but deep (not too deep too) and there was a small pond deep down (we couldnt reach there yet). It was a little scary for me, coz the stairs were too small and right side was the cave down. And it was cold so I was shivering most of the time.

The stalagmites and helictite crystals are nice..The formations , the different layers, the various forms they take.. they do make a breathtaking view. But unless you are very fond of these things or you are ready to see some unseen hidden treasures of the earth, dont go here. You might feel disappointed. They are so many opening everywhere and they say that these are connected to other caves around and have found place of room size inside them. They are not yet opened for public.

When you actually come out of it, the hot air outside hits you on the face like you are just entering a factory..
Nice visit though. The other two people who came with us, left for a small trek (of 1 hr) in that place. They said it was very hot and humid but it was good.

While returning back we had a funny incident. While on our way back, my friend was driving and we were almost nearing (max of say 40 mins left) and in the highway, we saw this police patrol car going from left end to right end and all the cars on that lane were lagging behind. We were in the car pool lane and we were wondering what the patrol guy was doing and we just zoomed past him (in our recommended speed i.e. 65 mph). After a few secs, we heard the siren and to our horror it was for us. Because there was no other car in sight. Now this guy announced us to take a nearing exit and then asked us to halt. When we did so, he was like “Gentleman, what were you doing ? Why did you go past me ? ” Thathakaa puthakaananu edho olarinoam. That guy was really unhappy.. Seems like if the police patrol car is going from right-left-right , all the cars should follow him because he has been informed of some incident which might harm anyone coming at the usual fast speed. Yaaruku indha rule theriyum.. naanga edho andha uncle comedy panraarunu ninachukittu visukunu cross panninpoam. kadaisiyaa naanga comedy piece aayitoam.. He then saw the drivers licence and then warned us and left.

Sema koothu.. But after that konjam usharaave dhaan oatinoam. That too my friend who was driving was supposed to leave back to India the next day. Atleast it did not get worse. That way it went on well, I should say.


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