My trip to Mexico

Back to US after a month long stint in Guadalajara(wa-dala-hara),Jalisco(ha-lisco) state,Mexico(me-hi-co). Didn’t do much on the last weekend in Guadalajara because wasn’t feeling well and needed some bad rest. Trip to Tequila was dropped becoz of that. But no regrets, got my tequila anyways. I have spent my time well here and yo soy encantador esta yo soy aqui ;). It was muy bien. I did my work well enough to achieve the purpose of my trip too and all were happy about my visit and the outcome. Given a chance I would like to come again after learning some spanish. That will go a long way for me here. People here always keep asking me one question: what did u like here in Mexico. Almost every one I knew asked this question because not many come by choice here I guess, inspite of having quite a lot of companies here. But for me the surprise element was, how common these people were with the Asians, culture wise, ideologywise, belief wise, growth wise and food wise 🙂 

They are growing and they are doing a better job of it too. E.g. the way they are expanding this city even though it wasn’t meant for such expansion. Resembles Bangalore in lot many ways even in weather.  If u know spanish well u will not feel the difference at all. They have the US traits in road and traffic wise and in sports etc. They have to have people get ready to accept global companies and learn english as part of their studies and they can come up very fast. Heard that not many colleges and univ offer or better their comp sci courses. And people prefer other types of engg. That’s good but since IT is coming up there better to invest in that too to become a better economy. Now they are losing people to US for better prospects. That shud reduce. It will happen just like India but will take another couple of yrs I think. I am no expert in these issues though,not even a novice , so I might be wrong too. Anyways it was a trip worth remembering and am happy abt it.

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention is, these people here do not have any proper transportation between states. I did not see any trains for shorter travels. Most of them use flights. And buses were there but few, just like U.S. Nothing can beat the Railways of India man!! I wanted to go to places like Acapulco and Mexico City or even Chihuahua if I had the proper transport. 

But next time I am coming here to Mexico I am taking a rental and driving on my own. It isnt hard.. except that you can do more honking and yelling @ people like in India but stick to the lanes as much as possible as you might get caught easily like in U.S 😀

So long Mexico, hasta pronto 😀

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