Rogue River Rafting

On Sunday, we started from Klamath Falls and it was decided that I wouldnt drive because we were already 0.5 hrs late. We were supposed to be in Grants Pass by 9.30 and we were sipping our coffee and waiting for our sandwich by 7.30 in a Starbucks counter near our hotel. The other guy took over the driving and he was very quick except while driving in the city areas where there were speed limits enforced. As and when we progressed we had to drive through mountains. In some places it was raining and slowly, it started snowing. This reduced our speed. And in a summit, it was heavily snowing and the roads were skidding. Even though one part of me was enjoying it, I wanted us to go through it faster and come out of it. Because we couldnt see a car or anyone in sight and if stuck we wouldnt know what to do. The guy who was driving was enjoying it. My manager looked concerned but, as usual, he was confident that this will pass. I was the only one who was little panicky. It was really very heavy snow that was happening. And slowly after we started our descent, it was getting better and it was becoming more colorful. And our time was passing by. The guy did his best to keep up. We called them up as soon as we hit the plains (or it might have been the valley) and they informed that they usually dont wait. We almost didnt make it. But we entered the Hellgate Excursions in Grants pass at exactly 9.44 am. And myself and my manager rushed in to inform them of our arrival while the guy went to park the sedan. Thankfully, they were waiting and that one minute mattered a lot. They gave us our tickets and took us to the boat.

It was so beautiful place. We didnt expect to see this. And it was so cold. I forgot to get my jacket which I had got the other day and used an older one which didnt prevent the wind and as usual I had my slippers on. Boy ! the winds cut through me like a knife. People were waiting for us in the boat and as soon as we got in , it started its journey. We went through the course of the river (Rogue River). This year the snowfall has been high and hence the water level was more and the places where we had class 2 rapids, we would see a class 3 this year. And above all, it started raining from time to time, even though it was just drizzling. But it was a beautiful ride.

We passed through many creeks and at times it rained and at times bright sunlight shown. It was such a wonderful ride. I guess pictures will tell more than me.

After say almost 3.5 hrs we came back for our lunch to a place called Galice where they had very cute plate of sauces and pepper and salt… It was very very cute place. We had our lunch leisurely taking in the sun and the beautiful scenery around.

After our good lunch, we started back to the source. I should tell you about the kind of rapids that we faced during this trip. Most of them were class 1 , 2 and 3 in this river. The jet board excursion was till the place where the class 3 rapids ends. After that only class 4 and 5 (which eventually ended in a water fall) was there and we need to get special permissions for that to venture out there. Well I wasnt sad about it. These rapids, the class 3 ones were especially wild for us. The water that came on us cut us like cold knives. It was really really cold out there. But it was fun. Even the captain who was driving it made some fun with the water and made most of the people in the first two rows completely wet 🙂 We were in the fourth. Thankfully. After we came back, we saw that there was a competition going on with the short boats.

It was cool. It was already 3.30 or so and after checking out for some souvenirs we started back to our place, Belmont, CA. On the way checked out Best Buy near by and I ended up buying a WII gaming console :), my manager a Digital camera, and the other guy, a camcorder. This state Oregon doesnt have tax right, so it came out cheaper. It was cool. While driving back, I opted to do that, because these guys have been driving for most of the time and were constantly on some topic for discussion. But I didnt realize that we have to cross the mountain ranges. While going on steeper ones, my speed dipped to 40 mph. It became so obvious that my manager questioned on why I reduced the speed and that I might block the traffic which might not be good. I tried to manage , but the fear got the better of me and I confessed to him that due to the fear of heights I was driving slower. Next thing was obvious. He took it over and I got it back from him only when we were in the plains and there were no mountains around. We reached our hotel by 1 am , after our brief stop over for dinner.

Even though the two days was unplanned with respect to my standards, it was just plain fun and experiencing snow was so beautiful. Hey Hey Hey !!! I touched snow in my life 😀 It was worth the trip….


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