Visiting Uncle Sam – 13 – LA – Dazzling Disney and Captivating Universal Studios – Part 2

The next day we got up early and with full enthu we checked out of the hotel and I was given the responsibility to drive to Hollywood’s Walk of fame first by 8 am so that we can spend an hour there , have our breakfast and then head to Universal Studios where the shows start by 10 am

Since it was early morning, the traffic was very less and it was easy drive on I 5 again. As soon as we turned right , we could see the Hollywood sign. It was like a dream. I was enjoying the sign and jumped traffic 😉 but thankfully no picture was taken of mine.. since it was early morning they left it free I think :). I really wanted to stop somewhere and take a picture of the Hollywood sign. But these people who were with me forbade me to stop anywhere and head straight to Walk of Fame… Unwillingly I drove there and we had a tough time finding a parking lot or a spot. Finally after too much roaming around the streets near hte walk of fame, we finally managed to get a spot at the end of the walk. We went out the Walk of Fame finding our favorite stars. It was fun. But we had to keep up with time too to enable us to go to Universal Studios. We had our breakfast there in a coffee shop and started to Universal Studios. I was upset that I couldnt find the one for Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Otherwise I saw Jack Sparrow 😀 and my favorite 007 Agent and other well known directors and stars. Its not a not-to-be-missed place honestly, but if you like movies and would want to just see your stars name where they really work from , then its just fun. There is also some tours which takes you to famous personalities houses (obviously to show it from outside and all), but I am not interested in those things and thankfully we didnt have time. Otherwise I know that one of the person in my group wanted to do that if that was possible, because he really wanted to see Katherine Heigl’s house :D… Guys can really be crazy at times.

Then we drove to Universal Studios by exactly 10 am and this time we chose to take a privileged parking which enabled us to park near the Studios and also decided on taking the Fast Track pass if that was possible. I really wasnt sure what it had, except for the small piece of info that we shouldnt miss the Terminator and the 4D shows. I had no idea on what they really meant.. Coz Disney was full of rides and beautiful places. And this is a pucca movie domain and I wanted to not have great expectations from it. Somehow that day we had the red carpet on 😀 . Among the Manager husband and wife who had been with us, the manager had been there already twice so we appointed him as our guide this time 😀 And I should say that he did it well. First we were dragged to fun rides which was almost 4 storeys downstairs. Since we had the escalator it was good to go down :D. And guess what was the first ride they took me to !!! The Mummy !! I didnt know what to expect from this..when they asked us to keep our belongings in a locker, I became a little apprehensive.. because the reason was that during the ride you might drop them if u had it. Ok.. When I got that reason I told them I ain’t joining them. But they literally dragged me along.. This is again part of the movie sets , so its like you are part of the movie as the ride goes on. But this one lasted for only a few minutes but it was scary as hell. My goodness… U shud have seen my face after the ride… Since the locker was locked using one of our finger print and I had locked one. But after the ride, my hands were shaking so badly that it wasnt recognizing my finger print correctly and we had to call upon the guards to unlock it for us. Sari paravaaillai yedho onnoda mudinjirumnu nambhi adutha ride ku poanean.. it was Jurrasic park.. Idhu adhukumela.. here they let us take our handbags but told us that we would get a little wet. This was fun coz you get to see the different dinosaurs that u saw in the movie there and it would try to scare you too.. but the finale was yet to come..adhu ennaku theriyala..and when it started ascending a bigger height , I realised that it is going to be a free fall..My stomach came to my heart and my heart was in my mouth (same old expression, because same old feeling of fright). Oh my God.. how much shud I endure now!! If Mummy was scary in one way, Jurassic Park was scary in another. These people were enjoying it so much that they wanted a second round and because we had the fast track pass we were in front everywhere.. I was really tired by the time these two rides were done and was feeling damn hungry. We were having something or the other inbetween the rides. After that we came up again and as usual went in for the other set of rides. Like the Simpsons Ride (mainly for kids, but everyone will be a little scared in one particular place.. in this ride you never move anywhere from your place..but the effect it gives is amazing), The Terminator (This is not a ride, but an experience, where you are experiencing the Terminator fight in real.. u have real actors there.. its sort of 5 D … was really good) Shrek 4D (My fav character.. 4D experience of having the Donkey, Shrek, Fiona etc) , Waterworld (Where you see live actors acting out the movie screenplay in real with all the action in water … it was amazing) ..

In between the rides we took the Studio Tour where they take you to see the studios which hosted the shooting of the serials, sops and movies, to see various sets that have been set up for various reasons (some regular, like the New York set, Desperate Housewives set where the actual shooting takes place, War of the Worlds plane crash set, King Kong miniature set etc), to see how they create the lightning and flood effects, the earthquake effect, the various houses which is used by the directors and script writers to finalize on a movie, how a small piece of land is reused for various shots with blue background etc .. Its really very interesting to see the movie making process and the various assets used in it. Its really very very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. The highlight of this was the King Kong 4D show which was like being among King Kong and the Dinosaur during their fight in the movie.. It is as if the Dinosaur is trying to capture the mini van you are riding and King Kong is protecting you from it.. it was so so so amazing… no words to explain , you have to feel it..

The other humorous one was the House of Horrors. It was like the Horror House in Innovative film city except that we had real people coming in between to scare you. I guess these things happen in the Scary House in Garuda Mall in Bangalore. But this was really scary.. People kept pushing others in front to avoid being scared.. And the most funny thing that happened was how this manager friend behaved in one incident… I was in line walking 2nd coz others didnt want to go before.. Even though I was a little scared I managed to push through. When we were almost to the end, there was this Frankeinstein character sitting.. and as soon as the other guy and myself went past it.. there was a huge scream.. and when we turned around we saw that this scary character was very close to this manager and his wife and guess what this manager did.. he just jumped off and ran away leaving his wife there with this scary person…. and she was screaming to the character not to touch her and to leave her alone.. my god.. it was so funny… we felt bad in a way but honestly it was very funny too.. Finally we all managed to come out of it and saw the manager standing outside…we sat there and laughed our stomachs out for almost 10 mins… The wifey was so angry that her husband left her with the scary character..that she was scolding him till the end of the day 😀 telling him that he was supposed to be protecting her in danger..and he ran away 😀 …oh was a Horror House …but it became a Humour House for us.. We kept reminding that manager about it for the rest of the trip 😀

The other important show that should be mentioned was the Special Effect show, where they asked the audience to take part in it , to show them how the special effects were made on screen with hi-tech camera. It was very good.. To really see how they make those special scenes.. wow.. This show is really special.. We really enjoyed it very much..

We had earlier planned to start back by 4 pm so that we can be in our hotel a little earlier and take some rest before we plunge on the weeks work. But with all these interesting shows and rides, we eventually started by 6.30 pm….and It was a day which ended very well..except for one thing.. I DID NOT GET MY PICTURE OF THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN.. and I was scolding these guys on my way back … They ditched me from not taking this picture in my camera.. I was really so pissed off on that part.. .I told them that I would never forgive them for that..coz I cannot come back again for that picture. They said that they would get me a picture from Google.. Big deal…Dont I know that.. I wanted that picture in my camera.. 😦 … Its ok.. Later I took the driving in I5 and guess what, I raced and drove in 120 m/h too :D.. but got a little scared when we were almost out of petrol and we cudnt find one nearby.. That was the only worrying part..otherwise it was good drive.. we came in about midnight and had a very good sleep … All in all it was a worth while trip … I dont know if I would ever come back again..but this trip had been good to me and I really visited all important places to be seen.


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