the Good, the bad and the funny

When I have my ‘moments’ (good / bad / worse / funny ) I used to think, I should write this down and eventually forget. Some are nice for a read later.
So here are some of such moments during my visit in US of A.

a. In my office, they have every location (be it in life, the work cubicle etc) embroilled with braille letters for the blind (Good) , but I am not sure if there is at least a single blind person working here.(!!)
b. They talk of going green and my office printer, apart from printing the document, prints an extra page mentioning the id and location of the person who printed it !!! Going green !!!
c. My office has so many buildings and each building has a different category of food (like the italian, mexican, indian, asian [trust me, asian is different from indian], salads etc) and by the time you go and have in a building and come back to yours, you feel hungry again!!! Cant they have a single caterer like we have in India so that we can complain, however the food was !!
d. They dont have a problem with rains or availability of water..yet they use paper for everything…I hope you get what I mean. (Hint: Palakkad Madhavan in a flight in movie Nala dhamayandhi, idhuku mela greena solla mudiyaadhu) Once you have no other choice other than using the papers, you spend more water because you feel like taking a bath as soon as you reach home/hotel.
e. Even though the tap water is good one, people prefer buying mineral water wherever they go!!ufff.
f. They use greens (adhaan lettuce, spinach and any green ilai thazhai..) and half cooked vegetables a lot and eat a lot of salads too, but include cheese, butter and oil in everything (even though it has less cholestrol, fat etc etc, whats the point.. dhaaniku dheeni sariyaa poachu)
g. In my office, first day when I came, I didnt find the water tap (trust me, it cannot be better hidden.) so there was a bottle in the fridge, saying “Sparkling Mineral Water”, so I got one…and when I had one gulp, it was soda.. dai.. Sodakum Waterkum vidhyaasame theriyaadhaa ungaluku.. idhukudhaan overaa thanni adika koodaadhu.. che..
h. Here they use liquid for the clothes washing machine and powder for the dish washing machine !!!
i. Some funny ads: They have adds for medicines…and how do they promote it.. They tell about the side effects (which might include death too and all other possible problems using it.. ) even before they tell you what the medicine is for.. Avlo bayam ..yean naa makkal sue pannivaanga.. Adhuku yean advertise pannuvaanean.. Inga irukaramaadhiri doctors kitta poyi adha sell pannitaa poachu.. Neenga innum rombha valaranum thambi.. Sari adhu paravaa illai.. indha Election campaign nu onnum varum.. adhu dhaan sema comedy.. Contestant A will always say in his ad about the negatives of Contestant B.. dei nee enna pannuvennu sollu.. aduthavan enna thappu panninaanu sollalaam..aana adhe mattume solla koodaadhu..
j. Good thing here is no one bothers about anyone here.. they always mind their own business.. so for people who like being left alone , its a boon.. but its also a bad thing for people who really want a group to be with 🙂 …
k. Driving car here in US is driving scooter in India.. avlo easy.. rules mattum konjam follow pannitaa poadhum.. and obviously having a car is like having a two wheeler in India.. adhu illama u cannot go anywhere.. Adhu seri.. petrol ivlo cheapaa irundha , sorry Gasoline, ivlo cheapaa irundha apparam enna prachanai..
l. Vegas trip ezhudhum poadhu solli irupean.. inga maadhiriye kudi neer prachanai angeyum iruku.. ellarum manushanga dhaane..

All these I had recorded as and when I had encoutered it.

This US trip of mine has been a blessing for me in Disguise…. Why ?
a. It built up my confidence to travel around on my own 😀 and even in group I know that I enjoy it …. in short, I love travelling… that is all
b. It made me know that I loved driving too 😀
c. It made me know quite a few people who were good to me in a  lot of ways. They helped me in their own ways..and I am grateful to them.. Will remember them for ever and when I get a chance I will try to repay them for their gratitude.
d. Made my belief that “you are the only person who can make you feel happy or sad.. so choice is yours” …. I never felt alone or sad at any point of time.
e. Made me know about a few people whom I had worked with , but didnt know them (if you know what I mean).. They surprised me with their simplicity.
f. It also made me realize what one of my friend once said to me during a mock fight… This friend told me that if I really liked travelling (this was much before this trip..) I shud do it on my own here in India.. I had replied that..this place isnt safe enough.. and the next question to me was .. “How do you know ? Have you tried ?…may be you are just saying this because you are afraid of doing it alone”… Why did I remember this ? Because, I knew in my heart that what this person said was true.. I wanted to have a chance to reply back sometime someday… This trip to US .. made me want to do the same in India and take my chances… and I am getting ready for it.. Watch out for more such travel records 😀 .. and pray that I become strong enough (mentally) to do that..
g. Made me realize my love to Photography. I finally got my SLR and kept shooting 🙂 I have almost 5000+ pictures from my U.S trip.. of course , out of these only 200 might be good pictures.. But I am slowly learning.. and you know what, I got a very beautiful book on Photography from one of my friend in US. I really appreciate their affection.

I am not sure if I will ever travel to US again !! or atleast to West Coast… because I never dreamt of going to US.. I know a few of my friends who really want to go there and be there. I never thought of it at all. Neither did I feel bad when it got cancelled 2 times before this. But it is all for the good… I was there during all the important times, like the World event of my company, the thanks giving weekend, the holiday gala in all places.. and the successful demo  that I was able to give (and my managers appreciated it with a night trip to Golden Gate and Treasure Island) and Ice skating the next day (i.e. the day before I left for India) in Santa Cruz in that cold weather … Thank you all for making this trip a very very successful and pleasurable one… I am really very grateful to all who helped me in this trip..

And special thanks to my parents and family who gave their support even that far.. I know that my father especially was so tensed that I am driving in US without him being there to guide me.. and when I was hit.. I was scared that I am going to get scolded by him..but he knew that it would discourage me and made me feel better about it.. and my mom… who was so proud that even though I didnt drive in India , I was driving in US….and my siblings and their family.. and my friends who always waited for my photos about my trip 😀 and were so happy that I am going places

The only bad feeling I had was that I couldnt make it to my sister’s delivery as it became a preterm one because of some complications. Other than that, it was a very ful filling…

Thank you God.. and please help me with much more adventurous and fun trips 😀


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