Visiting Uncle Sam – 12 – Mystery + Water World + Mile Drive + Sunset

The next weekend of my LV + Canyon trip, a big gang formed and gave me the task of planning a whole day drive to places like Mystery spot, Monterey etc and anything else that I can include in the schedule. Somehow they decided that I was good in planning and coming up with a good trip 😉
So I suggested that we drive to Mystery Spot first and then go down all the way south to Monterey Bay Aquarium and then drive to 17 mile drive and then by evening drive back , if possible and time permits, stop @ Pigeon Point light house before heading to the hotel back. And surprisingly, everyone was OK with the idea and so I sent them the route maps and we started exactly @ 8 am on 31st Sunday October, in 2 cars and without mentioning its understood that I was driving one (This time I took the car from Hertz and it was a Chrysler Sebring Limited Edition model.. eppadi!!!)

While driving to the Mystery place, I was explaining them how the house there was built by a widow and for how long blah blah blah.. Also I had some coupons to get some reduction etc.. And when we really reached the place we found it very spooky…. coz the road was nothing like the one where we thought it can have a house of 108 rooms or so and it was like going inside woods. Then after reaching there we realized our mistake. Mystery Spot and Mystery House were two different places and we thought that Mystery House was in Mystery Spot. Mystery House is also called the Winchester House. So there goes a deal breaker coz I had coupons to the Mystery House and both of them are in Santa Cruz.. Enna oru confusion.

But it turned out to be a very good one. For one, we reached by 9.30 am but the place opens by 10 am 🙂 and we had 1/2 an hour with us and so started trekking in the woods till the way we could go..It was like climbing a hill. And after trekking up in that chill & winding path (not a road, just a path) for 20 mins we rushed back to the spot to make sure that we were the ones to get in first. Exactly by 10 am they opened and we got the tickets (5$ each) and were there in the first batch.

I am not sure how to explain this place actually. This is in between the woods, and there is just this one spot..say a diameter of 10 feet or so where they say that the gravitation forces are a little different and hence you see or feel differently. Obviously unless someone tells you about it you might not even think about it. They explain that even though the place looks like its slanted, how leveled its actually. Also when you enter the cabin that they have how dizzy you really feel. May be its because of the way its built and how your body responds to the gravitational pull to keep you straight. That means there you will standing slanted. Ok, I am not doing a good job explaining it.

You will feel it when you experience it. They say that this place falls geographically in a circle around the globe and that there are almost 27 places in the same circle which has almost the same characteristics as this place. And researchers are still puzzled on some of the events in this place. Whatever it is, its worth the money, it keeps you engaged for almost an hour and you really feel very ‘mysterious’ 🙂 Definitely a must watch.
Lot of them were happy that they did this and not the mystery house 🙂 and so we started our drive to Monterey Bay by around 11.15 or so and reached there by 12.30 I think. I drove all the way to the Monterey bay. The drive in Highway was very nice. We had some trouble getting the parking as it was a Sunday and then finally got a parking lot space for 10$ (very costly  😦 but better than SFO) and then we started our trip to the Bay Aquarium. The entry ticket was around 29$. And we ended up spending almost around 2 hrs inside. Its almost like the Singapore water world that I had gone, but not that big. But some of the displays were very very nice. They were splendid. And obviously my camera started working on. But I also got to enjoy so many varieties of the fishes ( I didnt like the Octopus.. it looked like yuck!!!) and the sharks, the penguins, etc etc.. and they have the open place where the bay water comes in and the ducks and other birds are there in their natural environment (not too big though)..but it was nice. you can also do the feeding. They had a seal feeding show (It reminded me of the Seal show in S’pore)

At around 3 we decided that we should be heading for lunch and if time permits come back skipping the 17 mile drive or just go ahead with 17 mile drive. Reason was that we didn’t see the flamingo’s and one or two more exhibits. So we headed for the lunch and by the time we completed it was 4.15 or so. So we decided to go to 17 mile drive. We started and we reached the 17 mile drive in about 15-30 mins (it was very near) and there is a toll to enter the drive. Its a very exclusive drive which takes you from Highway 1 to Carmel Gate it seems in 17 miles. Its worth the drive. There are almost 20+ view spots and you can definitely not do all of them. You have to choose what you wanted to see and accordingly stop in those view spots. Since it goes up the hill a little and then comes down with winding drives, I gave the car drive to the other person because I was getting tired and it was getting dark so I wanted to rest my eyes a little.

The 17 mile drive was suggested by one and all to visit atleast once. And I know why its done so 🙂 I would recommend it to everyone. Some view points are so amazing and the Ocean is as usual very cold. Again we happened to see a dog playing in the beach 🙂 and we played with the dog for some time. There were some view points where we climbed some rocks and walked barefoot in that cutting rocks…. oh it was so so nice. The chill wind, the hard rocks, the pleasure of walking, and then relaxing your feet in that cold water.

We stopped @ Shepherd’s Knoll ,  Spanish Bay , The Restless Sea, The Lone Cypress, The Ghost Tree , Cypress Point lookout, Point Joe, Bird Rock. By the time we came to The Lone Cypress, the sun started to set and we had the pleasure of witnessing the sunset. Wow.. first time I am witnessing this in my life and it was amazing.. It goes down in a few mins..that you wont even be able to realize it. Please visit this place if you are in CA. Worth every penny of the visit.

After watching the sunset and being amazed at the kind of views that we got in that place, we started back to hotel (skipped the Pigeon point light house) by 7 pm and reached by 10 pm for a good night sleep 🙂
The whole day trip went on very well and the group we had also was very good that it made the trip pleasurable. 
The Sunset was the highlight of the day!!! I love Nature 🙂


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