Visiting Uncle Sam – 4 – Adventurous me in Picturesque Tahoe

Sometimes somethings happen for a reason and for a good reason. Some people might say that “well, we can say that when the things that has happened have happened for the good, but…” Guess what.. it always happens for a good reason. When my trip was cancelled at the last minute 2 years before, I said to myself and to everyone around me..”Its all for the good” and now when the trip happened @ this time, I again said to myself and to all around me..”Its all for the good” and indeed it is and was.  But now, I got all I wanted 🙂 and in a better way too. I could enjoy it so well and so satisfying that it would last a long time. I know I have blabbered coming back to the point..Where did I go this weekend ? You wont believe it.. coz even I thought that the chances were very remote, but I went to Lake Tahoe. I was planning on how to go about it, if I had to do it alone etc etc but when I made a call to one of my family friend’s son (who is more of a family because both families know each other for more than 2 decades..and he is younger to me and elder to my he is sort of a younger bro to me too..) and his family (his wife and almost a yr old kid) live in Foster City very near to my hotel and office. I got his number late and called up only on thursday and guess what he said to me.. “if you are free this weekend join us on a trip to Tahoe.. I was about to cancel it owing to poor attendance of my friends or else go with my family alone..but since you are here , why dont you join us and we can have fun.. ” and it was “When you want something the whole world conspires to get it for you 😉 ” type of feeling I had at that moment. I didnt think for a sec and said “yes, I would love to”. So there began the journey.

He picked me up from my office @ 4 pm on Friday, we went to his home, got his wife and kid and then “top gearla poyikite irundhoam Tahoe ku”. Like his wife said, “here we come Tahoeoooooo”. We had to make two stops inbetween to feed the kid and have a bite for ourselves. And since we were heading to South Tahoe, it took a little longer and we reached his friends house in Cold Creek Trail in South Lake Tahoe by around 9 pm approx.

Cold Creek trail

His friends house was very good.. it was edging on the forest property and what to say, it can host a group of 10 people… Seems like his friend got for a pretty decent amount and he rents it out to people over weekends or a week or so and he pays his mortgage only from the rent… Wow! what an investment.. nalla dhaan yosikaraanga… Its actually a pretty nice guest house with everything equipped for you.. So we just called it a day and crashed. Next day we woke up around 8 and then by 10 we headed to the beach after having our breakfast. It was pleasantly sunny. And the water in the lake was soooo cold…

It was freezing when we stand in it for long. The water was so crystal clear you can use it as your mirror 🙂

and the kid was so happy and she tried her first attempt with lakes this time and she loved it.. she was ready to take a dip 🙂 and there were some ducks quacking around so it made her more happy.. She was quacking the ducks to come near her :). We were enjoying our beach strolls and then after a hour and a half we decided that we can go on some water sports. I wanted to try parasailing for a long time.. but because of my acrophobia I didnt have the guts to do it or even think of it. Now here I had a good company, where both husband and wife are very adventurous and seems like last week they did sky diving in Monterey bay so they were all game for parasailing. So we enquired and decided to go for it. The wind was starting to come on strong and so were the waves. She wanted to do the Waverunners, but the ticket issuing guys rejected that due to the heavy winds and waves. So we three along with a kid and one more chinese couple got into our boat and it roared into the perfect spot to push us up to the heavens ;).

And now we decided that she and myself will go in tandem and then he will go alone. And we had the chinese couple who wanted to go in tandem too.. So they asked us to start first. OH MY GOD…. poradhe periya vishayam.. idhula first verayaa.. kizhinjudhu krishnagiri.. all these thoughts were running in my mind in a few seconds and then I became a little panicky.. Am I doing the right thing.. romba thevaiyaa ? ippo parasailing poalenu yaaru ketaa.. adhu idhunu I was having conflicts within myself about what I am about to do. But then I thought….what the heck… maximum what might happen is I might fall into the water..and even before my body hits the icy cold water I would have been in heaven, so technically I wouldnt feel a thing.. so far so good.. and then I took the courage , prayed my god(s) and then strapped the belt they gave to sit on when shooting up. Andha thukiniyoondu belt la ivlo periya udambu ukaandhu, adhu ennatha weight thaangi engatha poyi.. ennavao poannu ninanchute I went.. Since we both were of almost same weight it was balanced well… And then even without saying 1, 2, 3 that fellow pushed us up.. oru warning kuduka vendaamaa.. padupaavi paya.. my stomach came to my heart and my heart came to my mouth.. just because I was clutching my teeth so hard, it didnt fall out. And I was holding the rope so tightly that it started to ache my hand. I was wearing a slipper, so they asked me to remove it just in case it fell into the lake while going up. So now after going the 1000 ft height my feet became numb due to the cold..and what was I doing.. well 🙂 as you can imagine by now, I was closing my eyes so tightly that I could have gone to sleep.. She was like calling me and talking to me.. “bayandhukaadheenga.. naan irukean..kanna thorandhu paarunga.. evlo nalla iruku.. appadiye vizhundaalum naan ungala kaapaatharean.. naan ippo recent aa dhaan swimming classku poanean” .. What.. you are new swimmer !! kizhunjudhu poa… sutham.. and then slowly and steadily I opened one eye and looked around.. WOW.. Can this be so beautiful.. Am I seeing it for real.. There was no noise (except for the flappings of the parachute up there) and down it was just water (with different shades of blue.. lighter blue near the shores where the depth is less and dark blue in the middle) and surrounded by mountains and a clear blue sky… Oh my God.. It was so awesome.. you cannot describe it in words.. if its so impressive looking @ it with one eye.. what would it be if I used both my eyes.. So I tried…And for a few seconds I tried to see and when I saw where my boat was down, I immediately closed one eye.. I dont want to use both my eyes.. I am so happy using one and enjoying with it. We were there for almost 10 mins and in that 1000 ft it was really heaven.. You have to enjoy it to know it. I cannot do justice to that feeling with words.. There is that postcard picture in my mind from that height..having the full view of Lake Tahoe… Try it once.. you wont regret it.. and then I thought kelambu poadhudhaan appadi oru jerk kuduthaangale.. keela erangumpoadhaavadhu konjam nidhaanamaa irupaanganu..but then suddenly the boat was going so fast almost toward the shore, that we were coming down in full speed.. I thought we will hit water now…ada paavigala.. nambi vandhene nu ninaichean.. then suddenly it went high up again..dai ennadaa comedy panreenga.. ovvoru dhadavaiyum oru minor heart attacke varudhu daa.. edhuvaaga irundhaalum sollitu seiyunga…so there we were again on the top..and then slowly they pulled us down.. appadaa.. mudinjudhu.. while coming down I was little brave..and landed on the boat like a bird 😉 eppadi.. .(hmm indha jambathukellam korachal illainu sila per solradhu kekudhu)

Next it was the chinese couple’s turn..and they went in bravely and the gentleman was brave enough to go up and take photos too.. Actually, even I thought of doing it, but during my ready-to-go conflicts , I decided to keep my camera alive, so missed out on some beautiful shots.Then he went and enjoyed well. He was even showing off by making signs of flying 🙂 The rest of the day went in going around grabbing a byte..

Taking long walks in the beaches and in the road sides from where you can still enjoy the wonderful water. It became 8 pm by the time we came back. Since the kid was already having some cold and after her tryst with cold water, she started having running nose and was having some trouble breathing..Poor girl she didnt sleep well that night and her parents had to take care of her every half an hour. So on Suday we all got up by around 8 am and then started packing and left the house for our journey back to Foster City by around 11 am. Then he suddenly wanted to take a detour to Sqaw valley to show a village where he would be having his next month company meeting. It was a detour from our normal route but he wanted us to see the meadows and the place where winter olympics are held, especially the Ski areas. It was a wonderful drive, with gigantic mountains and streams on the way 🙂

and the Sqaw valley village is not exactly a village. Its a resort by name “The Village” 🙂 and that is the only real estate in that area..Its where the ski sports are held and it was very picturesque. After having our brunch and feeding the baby we started off again by around 4 pm and came back to join the route to the North Lake Tahoe. This was much more of a city than South Lake Tahoe. And then we drove through beaches, bays, cliffs what not…

 We stopped in places where we thought we could get a good view point or places like Emerald Bay view point, etc.. Once we crossed the mountains and landed in the plains, it was one straight drive in Freeway 80 direct to SFO. By the time we reached SFO bay bridge it was almost 7.30 pm, thanks to the red traffic in a few points. It became so cold and cloudy and reached their home by 8.30 pm. After dinner @ their home, he dropped me in my hotel around 9 pm.

I never thought I would have such a wonderful, picturesque, awesome, adventurous journey to Lake Tahoe..Things happen always for the good.. you see 🙂 .. always believe in it. And I should really thank my adventurous friend cum bro and his wife, who is more adventurous than him I would say, and their beautiful doll for this memorable journey. Thank you guys.

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