Kuala Lumpur – final day

Kuala Lumpur – Day 3

Well this was the day where we had time for ourselves to explore. We wanted to do see some malls and see if there was anything worth buying. Our hotel was very near the famous Bukit Bintang area. So we went walky walky to Bukit Bintang, after our breakfast (the famous bread, butter and jam thing), and first entered the BB plaza (I tried to get interested in buying a Samsung Corby…but then gave up! Old me!!) and then Lot10 plaza , BB plaza was combined with another mall (I forgot its name, it started with Y…)They all had good shops, but we didnt have enough money to buy (or rather we didnt want to waste our money on the electronics , right dad!!) We roamed around through these malls (ending up buying nothing) and then went in search of SriRekha Restaurant (as adviced by our cab person prev day night) for a good south indian meal. We did find it and even though it was costly, it was good for lunch. After that came back to hotel (all sleepy), had a nap and then again started off to see where we can go!. Then we realized we hadnt seen Masjid India (and Saravana Bhavan), so caught a cab, for 5 RM we went there and then had a good cup of filter coffee (some habits die very hard) and then roamed around, (we got a few things in Mydin store there). It started to rain and then after a few hours of roaming around, caught a cab back to hotel (we are yet to pack our things for the next days early departure.. we had to leave hotel by 4.40 am)

Came back , packed our stuff , called up the travel agent to confirm our airport pickup (in KL we always had a late pickup). We didnt make an attempt to go to KL tower (it was seen from our hotel window), but since we had to pay to get up there.. so that was one thing we missed out there.

But you know what happened the next day morning!! The airport pickup didnt turn up till 5.15 am.. So we had to arrange for our own transport and took a cab for 100RM and we were on our way to the airport. The taxi person was chinese.. and we just asked him how long it would take to reach the airport and he replied “5 – 10 mins” (that is all he said) and how long do you think it took us to reach the airport , well a solid 45 mins and every time we asked him how long is the airport.. he always replied “few mins or 5-10mins” 🙂 I am not saying anything wrong, but imagine, being in a cab, in a weird early hours in a city unknown to you with a cab driver, who doesnt understand your language and you are supposed to get out of that country in another 2 hrs etc etc.. it was damn scary… But all is well that ends well aint… we reached the airport around 6 , got the tickets, cleared the customs, and were waiting for a train (yeah, you heard it right.. a train or rather a tram sort of , to take us to the Gates.. God.. trains inside an airport.. funny…. ) And we had some time to cool ourselves.. and finally around 8 we got to checkin and by 8.40 we were on our way back home sweet home 🙂

We reached Chennai and from there after 3 hrs of waiting , got our connecting flight to Bangalore and reached Bangalore around 4.30pm (almost 40 mins of journey), but the travel from Bangalore Airport to my home was for 2 hours (talk of irony).. Finally reached home around 6.30pm…

This is my story of going around in KL and SG for a total of 6 days and 7 nights.

To sum up, it was a very good tour and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. This was a complete detox sort of treatment, where I didnt have to think of my work schedule, or my phone (after coming back from the trip, I felt odd having my cellphone with me..for 7 days i didnt use my cell at all..)… I have always wanted to make such trips once in a year atleast. It helps us unwind.

And I hope to keep continuing this (God help me with it). And will surely share my experiences with you all. 🙂 (Is some one reading this !! I hope not 😀 )


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