KL Trip – Day 2

Kuala Lumpur – Day 2

On the first day in KL Radius International Hotel we werent given the complimentary breakfast, because we were due for checkin only in the afternoon. So we had the breakfast in the nearby Restoran ( remember that 😀 ). On the 2nd day we were entitled for a complimentary breakfast, which was by the standards south asian (veg and non veg). We went down very eagerly for our breakfast. We saw that there were quite a lot of choices available for us. But to our disappointment most of them was non-veg. We chose the fried rice, but found that it had egg (is egg really a veg food nowadays !! Oh God!! How will I survive in other places if this was the case man!) So what was worthy of our diet there!! Guess!!! Well, the same old faithful Bread, Butter and Jam. Oh!!! We had to bear it for another day!! :(. Atleast we were happy that atleast we had that choice. Well ours might have been the only table out there which had the shreds of bread alone 🙂

Then started our trip to Putrajaya (Again since we three and one more Norwagian or Dutch, I am not sure were the only people for the trip, rest of them had arrived that day so they were going for the KL city tour). Putrajaya is a separate city sort of , created mainly for the administrative purposes. And you wont believe the kind of planning that they have given there. It is almost 30km away from the main city. They have 7 (I think) lakes around the place to keep the temperature balanced (Wow!! Are we doing such a think in India by the way?? Shouldnt we learn from them ??) They have their own pasture lands for their cattle (Oooh!! this is definitely impressive), and their own agricultural park (which we visited in detail) and housing, mosque … almost self sufficient. Guess people working there and who live there need not come to the main city at all for anything. Main city might be sort of a picnic for them 🙂 (Is this almost the same in Bangalore. I live in South Blr and visiting my relatives in North Blr is sort of a picnic for me, which takes up my whole day!!)

The PM office, the mosque and the buildings in general were very impressive (architecturally). We did see all kinds of fruits and vegetables (most of them I have seen there for the first time..) there. After that we went to the Cruise tour which took us in a small cute boat across the man made lake to enable us see all the important offices. You wouldnt believe me if I said that all important offices had an entrance to the lake and guess what they had gym equipments on one side of the lake fixed along with a jogging track (oh man!! planningku alave illaiyaa!!)

Would you believe that this trip to Putrajaya took us almost half of the day!!! It did. We were also shown how the lamp posts different from one road to another depicting the increase in the importance of the building there. Hmm… mudiyala!!

After our lunch break and a small nap, we went for the final tour of KL, which is the Night tour with Indian dinner (finally!). We went first to Mariamman Temple (which is run by the same trust as Batu caves. They had done the 108 sankabishegam there in the morning. We went around and then got into the China Town. It was a big place by itself. We went around, but nothing caught our eyes worth buying (why do most of the shops there sell only handbags and suitcases ??? we found very less shops selling other than these), but it was very crowded and we should be bargaining almost 60% less than what they quote. Unless you are good in bargaining, do not go there. Then we went around the city and came to Petronas towers for its night view :). Took a few snaps and then got to our dinner. We saw where Masjid India (or Little India) was but didnt go there coz we were tired (In the morning it was so hot, that we were sweating profusely and because of the humidity we were feeling so tired even though we hadnt been out much)

Thankfully our Dinner was at Oak tree restaurant, a North Indian Buffet Dinner and after that we retired to our rooms.

Actually in KL we have the same set of places, Zoo, Bird park, Night safari etc just as in SG and since we already had been to these places in SG, we didnt want to go again here. It might have been the same I guess.


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