Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur – Day 1

If the SG sentral station (that is how they write there.. sentral!!!) was bit of a disappointment, well Kuala Lumpur (KL) made it up for it. Wow…. it was so cool. It was like the Bangalore Airport (BIAL)… (Sad, but true)…

Since the train arrived a little late, our concierge person went to have a coffee, so we had to wait wondering what to do. Finally, the person arrived and on our way to the hotel, in the cab, we heard tamil news playing in the radio (remember that tamizh is the one of the official languages in SG and KL.. so nothing new, but the person didnt seem like he would know tamizh .. that is why… ) and as usual, I exclaimed loudly.. Is that tamizh news I’m hearing !! and man, the person was so happy to find out that we were tamilians. He helped us out to contact the travel agent in KL and we tried to reschedule our first trip, because our first tour was scheduled at 8.30 am on the day we arrived and here we are still travelling in the cab to the hotel by 7.15 am. Obviously the lady (must be a Chinese or Malay, going by the name) didnt get a thing I spoke to her (dont blame me, I spoke in English only). So the cab person helped us out and explained her. But she apologized that it was a last minute request (obviously no one thought that we need to refreshen us up before a tour and if the train got late, it would be sort of impossible!!!). So we said we will handle it by ourselves, and luckily the hotel had the checkin time of 2 pm (so now we have to go to the tour without even brushing our teeth!! wow!!).. Wait. I did see a placard saying that if u cough up 100RM you can checkin immediately. Wow.. thats nice.. what a cool business trick. Now since we had to refreshen ourselves, we decided to shell out that money and we were given a room as soon as I handed that 100 RM note to the receptionist. (Indian Hotels owners.. are you reading this…. I dont know if you already know this.. but if you dont… hey you are way behind all your mates..grow up 🙂 )

Atleast we got our room, we got ready on time , to find the pickup was late by 20-30 mins because we were the last ones to get picked up. And as it seems that since all the tour coaches were full, we were given a personal ride in a taxi for our first tour .. Half a day City tour. Howzzat!!!!

The guy who took us was the relative of the person who did the airport pickup. I have to mention the very sweet and different way they speak tamizh there. Obviously these people were born and brought up there for 2 generations, but their tamizh was so real (most of the words we dont even use in tamil nadu…. it sounded more like srilankan tamil).

First place was Kings Palace..

( we werent allowed inside anyways just like all other citizens) then to the museum
…and then to a War memorial ( I guess we have a war memorial in all important cities depicting the lives of the soldiers who laid their lives for the formation of their country…) and then to the national mosque. I have to break here from the list to tell you a funny incident that happened in the national mosque. Everyone who goes into the mosque (remember that Malaysia is a Islamic country) has to follow certain rules. Guys/gents should wear pants (or to say the legs should be fully covered) and girls/ladies should wear half parda (where they cover their head fully and obviously the body should be fully covered too…) Lucky for me, I was wearing a churidhar that day , but unlucky for my mom, who was wearing a saree.. Guess what, she had to wear a gown with the hood (which made her look like Anniyan Vikram .. oh man, I couldnt stop laughing for a looong time….she will kill me if she reads this :D.. i have already made so much fun of her with this episode) For me they made a head parda sort of thing with my dupatta, which was quite long enough and I was saved.. My dad had a field day taking pictures of us in the weird costume :).. Inside we saw that we(atleast my mom wasnt) werent alone. There were so many tourists who were wearing that hooded gown … we even saw a man (who was wearing shorts) wearing that gown (ada pavame!!!)…. It was real funny. But the mosque was so exquisite. The prayer room is so brilliantly done.

continuing the list, we headed for the times square, the mendreka square (independence square)where they celebrate their national day, their parliaments, courts, university of KL (God, it was a huge skyscraper!!! when will we grow !!) etc etc…

Our last stop was Petronas Towers (The prime attraction)..
Seems like the land belongs to the 2nd richest person in KL and the towers belong to Petronas Petroleum company and they built it using all steel and glass (that is why it glows in the light so well..It is definitely a worth construct. We had a round inside it…. Again the malls..

Almost went through the whole of the city and back to the hotel by 12.30, just in time for a little lunch in a near by hotel (which was named Restoran SK…Restoran is Restaurant). It had Indian lunch (veg and non veg). It wasnt great, but managable.

Next tour was the most expected Batu Cave and Country side tour. We started by 2 pm or so and went to the Pewter Factory (yeah it was first founded in KL and then a division started in SG… i guess we went in the wrong order :D) and to our surprise, it started raining heavily (morning it was so damn hot.. even the guide was telling that there is no season in KL, its always summer…but with occasional pours which kept their water requirement well in content… Do I see God showing partiality here ??? ).. Now the heavy pour got us worried on how we are going to climb the caves ? Then to a Batik factory (didnt buy anything…way too costly…)and finally to the Batu Caves …. God has mysterious ways of fulfilling our wishes.. why ? because as soon as we got down the vehicle, it stopped raining … can you believe that…

Wow.. (I guess I am using this word tooo often now!) Lord Muruga never looked so beautiful , it was as if what to say.. I am struggling how to describe it here.. hmmm.. Let me just say.. I was too happy and at peace. We had 45 mins to go up and come back. There were 272 steps to climb to reach the inside of the limestone cave. Since it had rained it was little slippery. But we managed and went inside. I have never been to any cave in India (even though there are many). But this one is huge. it was so cool inside (literally). We went looked around aaraam se, did our prayers and came back down again .. all done in 40 mins exact.. There were some temples outside, Ganeshas, Surya, etc. Had a look at them , and prayed… and now it was time to go.. why ? because it started raining again… rain had stopped exactly the time we had to go up the caves and come back down.. What would you say for this!! Coincidence ?? nah!! something more than that :)..

Well I am satsified now with my trip.. This is more than enough for me… We were so so so happy. I just was wishing for my bro to see this. He is an ardent fan of Lord Muruga.. Hey bro, if you are reading this, just make it whenever you are ready for it…

It was raining heavily on our way back and when we reached our hotels, we were so tired and went to bed without a second delay so that we can be ready for our next day’s tour to Putrajaya.


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