Singapore Trip – 4th Day

Singapore – Day four
Our last day in Singapore started with the trip to Jurong Bird Park in the morning. Since it was Christmas day, our group started a bit early, and were on time with less crowd. By the time we were done with our first trip, there was a huge crowd and people were standing a queue that span a km and for the first time, I managed to see a traffic in the entrance of the bird park due to the unmanagable crowd.

Our first ride was in the Panorail
which would take us to different parts of the Jurong Bird Park, like the Lori Loft, the man made waterfall, and a view of all other birds that were present on the way back.

Our first stop was at the Lori Loft,
where we tried our hands in feeling the Lories (it was well trained not to mingle with people who haven’t bought the 5S$ feeding cup 😉 , so we tried to shake hands with it and my parents succeeded, even though it bit them a bit. I refrained from the experiment. Yean nammala vida chinna pullaingita poyi vambizhupaane!! apparam kadi vaanguvaane!!) Many people tried feeding them and with one feeding cup there were almost 5-6 Lorikeets sitting all over them. You can find more information about these Lories here. With so much of these birds around, you cannot hear what your neighbour is saying to you. They have this high pitched voice 🙂

Next stop was the tallest man made waterfall also called the African Wetlands Exhibit.
Here they have the waterfall and the african style boats etc etc. Nothing too fancy here.

Next we went to the Penguin Expedition. It was small, but atleast I got to see Penguins in real in my life time (Can I even imagine going to Antartica for this!!!). I wonder if they will be bored inside that small cube of theirs.. paavam

Next stop, OWLery (not the one in Harry Potter) or World of Darkness. So many different kinds of OWLS (ofcourse not new to me , seeing so many varities in Harry Potter movies) and they were all awake in the broad day light. Must be difficult for them I guess, with people making so much noise around, how can they even think of sleep.

Then we went for the Hawk Walk, a show featuring the Hawk, Eagles, Vultures etc.

It was very nice to see these birds of various origins, so close, so huge. They were trained so well to make a very grandeur entrance. Good show.

Last but not the least (of which I dont have any photos, I took the whole show in the handycam), the bird show where various birds (parrots, swan, pelican etc etc) did a variety of programmes, ranging from Singing the birthday song, to going round in hoops, to playing balls against each other, etc etc.. It was so cute to watch.. I am not sure if there is one such in India. It will entertain people of all age. It was very very nice.

That was the last show we had in Jurong Bird Park. Next we took a cab from our drop off location to Singapore Flyer.

This was our private trip. We got the tickets from our tour guide (each ticket costs 29S$ but she gave us for 25S$) and when we got there, we were so excited (because remember that myself and my mom are acrophobic). The cubicle which revolves, comes to the halting place (it doesnt stop, it keeps moving, so the people should get out on one side and people get in from the other side). We were almost 10 people in a cubicle which can hold upto 30. As soon as we got in, the doors (glass) were sealed and it started its ascent. The ascent and descent is so slow and elegant, that you dont feel the jerk or even the slightest fear of the rise. You can see the other cubicles going up. They even have an offer of dining in it, but it is much costlier, around 200S$ for a couple. You can see the whole of SG in it. The view from it is magnificient. It goes the height of 42 storeys. The whole trip took around 35-40 mins and we got down almost running :). Wow… in this trip I almost managed to control my fear of heights. It was damn cool.

After the flyer, we started walking towards the nearest transit station (MRT), just to see how it looks like and if affordable (taxi from there to our place would cost us 5S$). So near St Andrews Church we took the subway and to our amazement, we had an elevator to go down and come up (!! Think of the subways in India!! particularly Blr near the City Majestic Station!!) and it is full of A/C + you have a huge mall underneath. Man!! why do you want to have a Mall in the subway !!! I dont get the point there..But yes there it was. We walked on till we came to the MRT and found that there wasnt any direct train to our Farrer Park place so instead we climbed up back (or should I say elevated ourselves) to the road and took a cab (for 5S$).

We had time to check out and do some shopping around Mustafa and then went to board the train by 8 pm. Another Surprise!!! The train station didnt look like a train station (I forgot to click a picture of this place ! bad!!!). It looked like a old heritage building and inside just two platforms (I guess this is only for transit to Kuala Lumpur , here on referred to as KL). We filled in our forms (immigration) and were waiting for the authorities to come and start the customs check. By 9.30 (train is scheduled to leave by 10pm), they started the customs check and by 10pm exactly , all had beeen boarded and train started leaving. The train is a meter gauge train, with a lower and upper berth on both sides and ofcourse A/C (In this country there is nothing without A/C I guess). We got settled in and were about to sleep by 10.45 or so, when we got an announcement for SG final Immigration formalities. We all got down and completed the procedure and came to the exit door and found it locked. God!! I was so sleepy, my dad was already in his half sleep. We had to wait till 11.30 or so for them to complete the formalities for everyone and then they let us out and we boarded again and after that I dont have any idea what happened, until I opened my eyes in Kuala Lumpur 🙂

Next, rest!!! (Vadivelu style)..

This is the story of me seeing my favourite place, Singapore, and the memorable events that happened there. Thank you God!!! I fulfilled my own wish. I was so happy and relieved. I never thought this was possible, even though my dad thought otherwise. 😀

I was relieved because I had planned the trip to SG for so many times and cancelled it that many times. May be if I had been there during any of those times, it wouldnt have been as fulfilling as it was this time. God works in mysterious ways, I would say 😀

Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our wishes.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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