Singapore Trip – Day tres (3)

Singapore Trip – 3rd Day
Morning we had a so-called city tour which mostly included the trip to the Merlion Park (The famous symbol of Singapore)
and then to a chinese temple
in China Town (my first) and then to the Orchid park

On the way we saw the Chopstick statue ( built in memorial of the people who died in the Japanese invasion of Singapore during WWII) , the parliament, the finance building and got to know some of the rich and funky places like the Supreme Court (you should see how modernized it is) and the capital buildings of Singapore. The only hitch was that it was rainin and it spoilt our little fun in Merlion Park. It was so cold already and rain made things worse. I just couldnt stop sneezing and it in turn made us spend 10S$ to buy an umbrella from our guide. He sure did made gud business that day :), thanks to the rain (non-stop)

We came back to our hotels, had our lunch outside and went around for some shopping, because our next tour was after 6pm. So we had our little naps and was ready for our next tour in the evening.

Actually third and fourth day tours were arranged from the hotel (not from the travel agent from whom we booked the other tours and travels). In all the prev tours we had quite a lot of indians being guided by either chinese or malays but in the third and fourth day tours we had quite a lot of people from around the world (from england, australia, south korea, japan etc). So it was really different.

Now it was 6.30pm and we were taken in the coach to “Clarke Quay” for our dinner (my dad and mom , well include me too, were shocked to have dinner @ 6.30 … was way too early for us). But since it was part of the tour, we went with it. Now comes the interesting part. Out of 20, only three (we three) were veggies. So they got us the south asian vegetarian food.
Now you have seen what we were served. Rice, Some manchurian thing, some leaves, corn soup, spring roll and that was it. We were given some veg salad in the beginning and some fruits in the end. That was our dinner. The non-veggies had quite a long list which included almost all animals (sea and non-sea) served !!! In tamil nadu, rice is never eaten without any watery side dish (read sambhar, rasam etc) and here we were given rice with nothing of that sort… and for some time we were wondering what to do.!!! you should have seen our faces.. it was awesome!!! perfect examples for exclamation…Well my parents had the rest (side dishes) and left out the rice part, I managed to eat that too.. (thinking of somalia and so many people out there who cannot manage to get even a morsel of food..etc etc..) my dad was asking me to not eat if i couldnt.. and not to trouble myself…but I finally had all that was in my plate!!! After that eventful dinner, we went to a Pewter factory , saw the making of the money tree (yes ! you heard it right, this was the age old money used).
Then we went to have our share of Singapore Sling (alcoholic drink). Now dont get the idea of a peg or anything, it was just a taster … so it was almost a teaspoon to get the taste of it. Well, we anyway did forego that and then begins our ride in the boat for the night cruise in the Singapore River. It was wonderful cruising in that river and seeing SG in all its lightning glory. We could see so many people with their camera (all sorts and sizes) trying to get a perfect picture of the city with its night light glory.
The cruise took us through all the beautiful hotels and malls , Riverside point, Clarke quay (remember our dinner ???), Fullerton, and ended in Merlion Park. Wow, I have seen the Merlion in the day and in the night 🙂 Perfect. Now my trip is almost done!! aint ?
The last stop was the Raffles Hotel (the oldest hotel in town),
named after the person who was responsible for the formation of SG. It has its own history, and it was like seeing a part of England inside SG. Why did it feel so? Because it was built in those times and in their architecture. It had the English signature in it everywhere. Seems like all biggies who visit SG stay there. It was beautifully decorated for Christmas (It was Christmas Eve when we went there..) We had a tour of the inside and said good night to all and travelled back to our hotels.
Orchard Road , the most happening road in SG during Christmas and New year, was decorated so so so well (it sort of reminded me of Commercial street at times, but 100 times better than that) it was like going amidst a carnival.

Well that was it for our Christmas eve tour. Quite an event.


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