Singapore Trip – 2nd Day

Singapore Trip – 2nd Day

The whole of 2nd day was spent effectively in Sentosa Island. We could have gone in the cable car from the main island, but the guide told us that there was some issue and it was under maintenance…It was ok with me.. U will see why… We saw the following:
a. Tiger Sky Tower
I am an acrophobic ( fault of maternal gene – even though a ride on a plane doesnt scare me at all. ). So I was a little apprehensive about this ride. Well see the image for yourselves, on how we are supposed to be seated and how far its going to go up. But to my surprise, when we got in and when it started its ascend it was cool. hmm.. I guess I am getting a hold on my phobia. We could see the whole of Sentosa.. here are a few images for you.

The descent was a little faster..but it gave us the whole picture of Sentosa Island. We could see quite a lot of construction happening there.. Universal Studios is building something very huge there…. Well if you are planning to visit SG at the end of next year, you are in for some real treats , I heard. World largest Casino, Integrated Theme park of Sentosa and SG etc etc.

b. Images of Singapore and Wax Museum
When we were given the tickets for this show, I was a thinkin may be they will have some pictures of how SG was formed and its history etc etc.. boring..!!!! Well they had surprises everywhere. What can I say!!!! We were taken to a room, almost like a pirate’s room, all doors were closed, we were around 10-12 people sitting in what looked like a plywood boxes, we had four photographs hangin before us and suddenly the lights went out and from a place which looked like a stage (small in size), out of nowhere, a lady appeared and started addressing us. I couldnt even think right for a sec… Then I thought if this is a hologram it might not come in my camera (!coz I tried the same in Innovative Film City in bangalore and since it was a holographic image or whatever, I couldnt capture it). So I tried taking a picture and to my surprise, it came out well. Then suddenly, the pictures started talking to us and then each one took turn.. Wow!!! It was so amazing!!!!!..

There were two screen on either side, to support what these 4 gentlemen were telling , with loads of images and animations. It was primarily about the four winds from different directions, indicating different set of people who came to SG and how finally SG was formed.

Wish my history classes were so interesting !! Why cant they use this technology to teach history to people !! Wouldnt it be more effective ????? When I become a teacher , I will definitely try to implement this!!! (ok,.. dont laugh.. u never know.. dreaming isnt bad)..

One of the best history shows… Good one Sentosa.

After this we had the wax museum to depict the Old and New SG and its cultures and various festivals celebrated and etc..etc…

When we came out, to our surprise, we saw age old games being played by people around this show. Bamabaram vilayaadaradhu la irundhu, pallankuzhi varai… ellam irundhadhu.. it was cool.. (ok.. i wrote that in tamizh, because I seriously dont know what you call the pallankuzhi in english … even though bambaram is called a top in english.. how do u address the way u play it…..see I am smart !!!)

c. Underwater World
The next stop was the Underwater World. First time I saw Stinkgray’s so close, god, they were splashing so much water on the surface… People who wanted to feed them could also do that.. There were so many kinds of fish, and underwater animals… my God.. this is just a tip of the ice.. then imagine how much in an ocean.. well it was never my interest anytime.. except seeing them so close in such places.. but they were cool. We didnt even walk.. we had this traveletor to take us round and bring us back…

d. Baby Seal show
The next one was the cutest part… the baby seal show.. It was originally a dolphin show.. but seems like they arent now part of the show for sometime (did they say something about hibernation or something of sort.. i dont remember now)… so well instead of dolphins it was baby seals.

I have seen these shows in TVs. But watching them so close so near..they were adorable. One of it didnt do the dance properly :)…it was fun watching them.. even though it was only for 15 mins or so.. they were worth the time….

e. Siloso Beach tram ride
It was almost 6 by then and before the last show we had a tram ride to take us through the siloso beach which included the siloso resort , wave house, beaches etc and brought us back to the Songs of the sea place.
We had some time for our tea break. We just went around till it was 7 pm. Because the Songs of the Sea show starts around 7.30 pm and if you dont go in early you might loose the good seat. Seems like there will be 2000 people for that show alone….So after little refreshening up, we went and took up our seats and were waiting for the natural lights to dim in the beach and for the show to start….

f. Songs of the sea
When mother nature did dim the light of the sky, the show began. I was literally dumb stuck with the introduction lights… Ooooh.. Can I really be sure that I am seeing what I am seeing.. that was the only thought I had… It was hollywood piece right out there.. in real… nothing imaginary.. It was awesome..

I was savouring every single moment of it. The light show was damn good.. It had a story and real life people in it..But trust me.. this is something u have to see in person. If u get a chance .. dont miss it.. it was really worth it… my dad has the entire show in his handycam…The whole show was done with the water, the light, the fire and the few characters in it.. Good one.. the best of Sentosa I would say (atleast based on what I have seen..).. The story ended in a good note.. and with the same good feeling, we travelled back to our hotels.


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