One Day Family Fun Picnic (!)

Well you might by now know that I am a very poor blogger. Even though I wanted to write about a lot of things I somehow miss blogging it.

Ok, now to the topic 🙂
Since we had a three day holiday (May 1 to May 3 2009) we planned to go out somewhere as a family. But as usual, things went wrong at the end and we missed out on our three day vacation. So to compensate that we had a sudden plan to Black Thunder on Sunday and that too, :D, got changed at the last moment. And, I shud say it was for the best. Well the surprise doesnt stop here. Coz we planned to go to Siruvani Dam and when we reached the Kovai Kutralam junction we came to know that the dam was closed in the Tamilnadu side. We should have got the permission from Kerala side of entry and that is the only way to go to the Dam. So at last, the stop was at Kovai Kutralam. It was a good place, though dry at this time of the year. I wanted to always go on a good trek 😉 and here it was. I guess this place would be beautiful in the right time. But now, it was real dry and sun was laughing at us with all its power. And we kept on going with as much as water and cool drinks and icecreams as possible. (Since this is a protected forest area, they say they dont allow plastics in here. But its always the other way round. Pity)

And we came to the actual falls after almost 15-20 mins or may be more and Wow, there was a huge crowd of people trying to quench the thirst with so so little water that was flowing. The number of people was much much more than the actual water that we could ever see there or was flowing. And its so sad to see so much of bottles and plastic papers and clothes lying everywhere. Well we were clearly disappointed (I am not sure if that would actually describe our emotion at that time, well atleast something to really tell you how we felt). We couldnt just stand there. We wanted to go somewhere where we can atleast see some water 😦

We were standing there discusing all other possibilities and then decided on Vaidehi falls, which no one had any idea about and we didnt know exactly where it was, except that it was somewhere parallel to Kovai Kutralam. So we started our quest for some water in the hot summer day to find Vaidehi falls. We hadnt had our lunch and the elders in our group cannot go on empty stomach. So on the way before Naraseepuram, we tried to find a good hotel or a mess and it was a sunday afternoon and we were running out of luck, except for one small mess, where we got some parota and pushka (sort of veg briyani but not exactly). And some of us were satisfied with Cornetto. And rest with some fruit juice.

Then we kept going on and on not knowing where we would see the falls. We were just going via empty fields so far from the mountains for so long wishing that we cud just find out where the falls is.
But unrelented on our quest we kept and finally reached our spot at the foot hills (of god-knows-what-hills-it-was).

This is the entrance for the falls, where the roads are getting built, actually and we had to walk from here till the falls. We had no idea how long it would be and if there was really any water inside 🙂

It was a long stretch going into the forest area of the hills/moutains where we didnt see any other human being except for one or two inbetween. We were growing suspicious of the routs and since we could occassionaly catch a glimpse of some people going inside. Look for urself how the route was to the falls

Well we kept going slowly but steadily not knowing whether we were going in the right direction. Oh and I forgot one mroe interesting news. Even before we started, while we were having our so called lunch, we enquired about Vaidehi falls, and one shop keeper told us that on May 1st there was a group in the falls, who were trapped before of wild elephants coming out and had to be rescued after a few hours. Well that did put a ? on our thoughts, but didnt deter us from trying it out for ourselves 🙂

So we went on and on, in the hot sun, all tanned up and drenched in our sweat (it would have been a small stream by itself, if it got collected actually) and just hoping to hear the sound of water. And Wow, we did hear. It was so refreshing. Just a small final push up a few rocks and here we were. I didnt get the photo of that place, because as soon as we saw the water , we just went to it and got ourselves fully drenched 🙂

The water was not much, but it was enough and there were only 10-15 people there altogether and everyone advised to start by 4 (we had reached by 3) in order to avoid any passing elephants (wish we could see atleast one). The water was so cold and so sweet that all our tiredness as a result of out trekking (which was almost 2-3 kms uphill, with three above 50 yrs elders with us) was gone just like that. It was so so so relaxing that it felt like heaven. Well we were there to clear off our tiredness and then by 4 we started back on our trek (which naturally wasnt that difficult) and we tried to call some elephants on our way but none responded, unfortunately. So we reached back home in another 40 mins time, played carrom and had dinner and slept so well. It was a loooong day but it was so so satisfying that I wonder if our planned trip to Black Thunder would have been so satisfying!!

All in all, A most unexpected, fun filling (with little disappointments over the weather and the climatic conditions) and yet satisfying family picnic.

I guess we should be doing this once in a while 🙂


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